China can help defuse tensions in South Asia: US – Newspaper

WASHINGTON: A senior US official said on Friday that China can certainly play a constructive role in calming the tensions between India and Pakistan that have been triggered by New Delhi's recent decision to annex Kashmir.

Speaking at a Defense Day reception at the Pakistani embassy, ​​Deputy Defense Secretary Randall Schriver also said ties between the US armed forces. UU. And Pakistan was "one of the strongest pillars of our relationship."

“We will see if the Chinese will be constructive in this area. They can certainly choose to be, given their interest there, ”said the US official when asked if China could play a role in preventing another war in the subcontinent.

Schriver, who looks after the Pentagon in the Asia-Pacific region, however, said the United States and China were competing for influence in that area. The United States has included India in an alliance aimed at controlling China's growing influence in the Asia-Pacific region, which explains Washington's growing proximity to New Delhi.

"I think the Chinese, in many ways, compete in competition with the United States and develops in various ways, primarily for us, in the maritime areas of the Indo-Pacific," said Mr. Schriver, adding that sometimes the Los Chinese “choose to adopt a competitive position where we are visas.

Pentagon official reminds Islamabad that once a close relationship with Washington can be rebuilt

“Our hope is that any difference, political difference, can be resolved through dialogue. We will continue to convey that message to all parties, ”said the US defense official, explaining how Washington plans to reduce tensions in South Asia.

When asked if he saw India and Pakistan, which had already fought three wars over Kashmir, go to another war on the same issue, Schriver said that Washington wanted the situation to "remain at peace" and that all problems be resolved by diplomatic channels "That is our hope and expectation that things will become peaceful," he said.

He added that the senior officials of the White House and the State Department led the efforts of the United States to maintain peace in South Asia. "And I think they have conveyed that our hope is that these problems can be resolved between India and Pakistan," he said.

Responding to a question about the atrocities of Indians in occupied Kashmir, Schriver said: "We have certainly expressed our interest in seeing a humane treatment of people there."

Underlining the desire of the United States to maintain close ties with the Pakistani army, the Pentagon official said: "We certainly want to return to a place where we have a more normal military relationship and a closer association."

Schriver explained that the United States also transmitted to the Pakistani authorities that the relationship that was once close could be rebuilt. “I think we have been clear in our diplomatic channels about some of the progress we need to see to restore things. Then, hopefully we are on that path and we will see how things go, ”he said.

Earlier in the reception, US and Pakistani officials noted the courage and sacrifices of the armed forces, many of whom have paid the final sacrifices in the defense of the country during the past seven decades, including the war on terrorism.

This year, Defense Day was also observed along with "Kashmir Solidarity Day" to express its support for the cashmere that are suffering under the repressive repression of India that began on August 5.

"Throughout our history, Pakistan has faced and overcome external aggression, as well as terrorism and extremism," said Ambassador Asad Majeed Khan, recalling the sacrifices of the Pakistani nation and its armed forces.

“This has only been possible due to the sacrifices made by the armed forces and the law enforcement agencies of Pakistan. The whole nation owes them a debt of gratitude, ”he said.

Addressing the audience, including defense officials from more than a dozen countries, Ambassador Khan said millions of cashmere had been imprisoned in their homes and separated from the rest of the world for more than a month. “While India continues to attack civilians through the Control Line, we have acted with great moderation and responsibility. However, there should be no doubt that Pakistan and its armed forces are ready to give an adequate response and defend the homeland if someone dares to violate our sovereignty or territorial integrity, "he warned.

Pakistan Defense Attaché Brig Kamal Anwar Chaudhry said Pakistan had defeated terrorism at a great cost, including the loss of more than 82,000 human lives, as "Pakistan remains committed to peace in the region and beyond." . He said the armed forces backed the cashmere. in his fight for the right to self-determination.

Schriver, the main guest at the reception, said Pakistan had made a significant contribution to the war on terrorism. He also noted that the July visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan to Washington had created a good atmosphere and this was the time to capitalize on the "good spirit."

Posted in Dawn, September 7, 2019



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