Children beaten to death in Modi’s India for defecating in open

New Delhi-Two children were beaten in India for public defecation.

The children of the Dalit community, the lowest social class in India, formerly known as "untouched", headed to the grandfather's house in the Shivpuri region in Madhya Pradesh state on Wednesday.

Police officer Raja Babu Singh told AFP on the phone when he was attacked that "the morning had passed and he did not attend the call of nature."

"The children were taken to the hospital but succumbed to injuries." Two brothers were arrested, one of whom was "no mental sound," Singh added.

Prime Minister Modi declared on Wednesday 150th that India would be free from open stool for the birthday of independent hero Mahatma Gandhi.

Source Link : https://en.dailypakistan.com.pk/world/children-beaten-to-death-in-modis-india-for-defecating-in-open/



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