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KARACHI: The federal law minister, Dr. Farogh Naseem, revealed Wednesday that the federal government is considering taking over the administrative affairs of Karachi by applying a constitutional clause that, according to him, allows it.

He said Sunrise that the Karachi strategic committee would recommend Prime Minister Imran Khan to invoke article 149 for the Karachi uprising.

“After obtaining the approval of the cabinet, the provision will be exercised and, in case of any resistance shown by the provincial government, we will approach the Supreme Court in accordance with Article 184 (1) of the Constitution to seek a directive in this regard. and if the province still shows reluctance to file a petition for contempt in the SC, ”he said.

Earlier, the minister told news channels that at this time it was his personal opinion that the Center should take over Karachi affairs. Prime Minister Khan is likely to make any decision during his visit to the metropolis on September 14, he added.

Dr. Naseem is the head of a high-power committee recently created by the prime minister to develop plans to address the problems facing Karachi residents. The committee has the task of suggesting short, medium and long term measures for the improvement of the metropolis.

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Subsequently, the panel at its meeting formed a 12-member Karachi Strategic Committee with six members each from Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf and the Qatah-Pakistan Muttahida Movement (MQM-P), the two opposition parties in Sindh.

Sindh will not accept the "unconstitutional" measure, the provincial minister reacts

The ruling People's Party of Pakistan in the province has already criticized the formation of the committee led by Dr. Naseem, as Prime Minister Murad Ali Shah said he had not been consulted or trusted.

The law minister, who is an MQM-P senator, spoke with different news channels and said that the situation in Karachi demanded that the federal government play its role in solving people's problems without imposing government or emergency of the governor.

"I don't know if the federal government will accept my suggestion, but in my opinion there is no solution other than this [imposition of Article 149(4)] since other steps are extreme, "he said, referring to the governor's rule and the emergency declaration.

He said that Article 149 (4) was an independent article, which was retained by the PPP and the Pakistan-Nawaz Muslim League when the 18th Amendment to the Constitution was approved. He thought that this article was not against provincial autonomy.

Article 149 (4) says: “The executive authority of the Federation shall also extend to instruct a Province on how the executive authority thereof shall be exercised in order to avoid any serious threat to peace or tranquility or the economic life of Pakistan or any part of it. "

When asked if the governor of Sindh or the mayor of Karachi would be responsible for the affairs of Karachi in case of application of Article 149 (4), the law minister said more clearly that the details would be developed in the coming days .

He also evaded the question of whether a special budget would be allocated for Karachi if the federal government took over the affairs of the city.

The reaction of the minister of Sindh

Later, Sindh Information Minister Saeed Ghani joined the debate on several television channels, saying that Article 149 (4) should be applied in Punjab or Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where the situation of law and order and The economy was not good compared to Sindh. Ghani said there was no need to enforce that article in Sindh, where the situation was much better than in other parts of the country.

He said that the problems of garbage and sewage were not within the scope of Article 149 (4). "The federal government can only give directives to the provincial government, but it cannot assume the functions of the provincial government," he said, warning that this would undermine provincial autonomy.

He said that Article 149 (4) did not give the federal government the right to take over the powers of the provincial government. "Some people are not willing to tolerate the Sindh government led by the PPP," he said. "The people of Sindh are also part of Pakistan, therefore their mandate must be accepted."

Earlier in the day, Ghani said at a press conference that the Sindh government would not allow any "parallel system" to handle Karachi affairs.

Commenting on the committee formed by the Prime Minister for Karachi, he said: “We will not allow any alternative system to be introduced in the presence of the provincial government. The federal government would have to work within the scope of the Constitution and the law. "

Posted on Dawn, September 12, 2019

Source: https://www.dawn.com/news/1504728/centre-may-take-over-administrative-affairs-of-karachi-farogh


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