Centcom commander briefed at Tarbela on power generation – Pakistan

LAHORE: The commander of the US Central Command. UU. (Centcom), General Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr, arrived at the Tarbela Dam on Saturday and visited several components of the project, including the main dam, landfills, reservoir and power plant.

Accompanied by the US ambassador to Pakistan, Paul Jones and others, General McKenzie was informed about the project by the retired president of the Water and Energy Development Authority (Wapda), retired Lieutenant General Muzammil Hussain.

The US delegation UU. He said the recent donation of US $ 41 million would prolong the life of the Tarbela power plant by 15-20 years and restore 148MW of its power generation capacity.

A visiting delegation says that a recent donation of US $ 41 million will extend the life of the power

Welcoming the US delegation, the president of Wapda said that the dam had played a vital role for Pakistan's economic stability and social development since its completion in 1974 by providing water for agriculture, mitigating floods and inject a considerable amount of low cost and environment. Hydel friendly electricity to the national grid. “Despite being in the fifth decade of its life, the Tarbela reservoir can still store more than six million acre-feet (MAF) of water. Currently, the generation capacity of the Tarbela Hydel power plant is 4,888 MW with the completion of its fourth extension last year. In view of the successful completion of the fourth extension within the stipulated cost and time, the federal government has decided to implement the fifth Tarbela extension project in an accelerated manner. The fifth extension will add another 1410MW to the generation capacity of the Tarbela Hydel power plant, ”he explained.

Posted on Dawn, September 8, 2019

Source: https://www.dawn.com/news/1504179/centcom-commander-briefed-at-tarbela-on-power-generation


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