BREAKING NEWS Live Updates: Building Explosion in Maine, Farmington – Firefighter Killed!


According to the latest report from Franklin County, Maine, a massive building explosion occurred. Sheriff Franklin County of Maine responded to this situation and firefighters are working hard to prevent further damage.

Several injuries were reported and one firefighter died.

Courtesy CBS 13 News Twitter Handle

Shaking the Farmington Old Town, the explosion could have been explosive. The video obtained on-site showed that the building was home to a non-profit organization, which was supporting people with cognitive and intellectual challenges. Debris is full around this area.

People in the area were mistaken for a car that crashed into a building and caused an explosion. The explosion occurred before 8:30 am at Leap Inc. on Farmington Falls Road.

Governor Janet Mills tweets about the current state of Maine

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Seeing calm snow from the ground Like CNN reporters, insulation is falling from the sky Gianluca Mezzofiore

Main building explosion scene

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Stay tuned for more live updates.


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