Boris Johnson loses majority as Brexit crisis lingers on

London-British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was hit hard by Tuesday's dramatic defection in the parliament, which lost much of his job in parliament.

The new injury could lead to a general election ahead of the Brexit Senators.

In a fierce parliament, the boss criticized the lawmakers for blocking his Brexit strategy as a "surrender," and said it would undermine the intention to negotiate a new divorce deal with the EU.

If the terms of termination with Brussels are not agreed, opposition lawmakers and conservatives will try to vote to postpone after October 31.

While Johnson delivered his statement at the session, Conservative Party Philip Lee saw crossing the House to join the Free Democratic Party of the European Union.

Lee said in a resignation that the Conservatives were infected with twin diseases of populism and British nationalism as a result of Brett.

In a letter resigning to Johnson, President Sadly, the Brexit process once helped turn the great party into something like a narrow faction, and an individual's conservationism was measured in a reckless way to leave Europe. do. Union.

The MP will now attempt to establish a parliamentary agenda for discussion of the bill by presenting a proposition that will be voted by the MP on Tuesday evening.

If they win, they will introduce the bill on Wednesday and try to pass the bill before parliament stops next week.

Johnson's aides warned Tuesday that if they lose their first vote in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, they will call for a re-election on October 14.

However, the recently elected Johnson will need the support of the main opposition Labor Party to do a snap poll because the support of two-thirds MP is needed for the move.

Meanwhile, labor leader Jeremy Corbin said Johnson plans to bring the UK down in the EU, not to actually deal with Brussels.

"He is a government with no obligations, no morals, and no majority," he said.

Corbin has called for elections for several months and appears to be ready to challenge once again.

"I'm ready to fight if it's an election," he said Tuesday.

Johnson added that he "lost friends in Europe" and is losing friends at home.

Other labor officials said they first blocked Brexit without a deal and wanted an early election.

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