Bigg Boss Vote – Who will win Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil Title as Kavin left the show? Vote to share your views

Big Boss 3 Tamil Title Winner Vote

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil saw a big tweak yesterday as Kavin left the show. Kavin was given the option to leave the show or step back with five racks to win the title. Kavin chose the first option that shocked everyone, including viewers, who are considered the toughest players of the season. He virtually won every vote whenever he was nominated for eviction. Kavin has a huge fanbase and always voted for him. Leaving Kavin, I'm not sure who can win the people's votes and Bigg Boss 3 Title. The rest of the participants Mugen, Tharshan, Sandy, Losliya, and SherinEarning a BB title will be a tough competition between them.

Kavin's close assist and lover Losliya can win the title, while fans' favorite Sandy, Tharshan and Mugen are equally popular to be the next Bigg Boss winner. Cherin is the only strange person here, but she continues to survive with the help of her fans. So who won the title, vote below and share your opinion.

Who will win Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Title?


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