Bigg Boss 3 Tamil September 23 – Tharshan saves Sherin and Sandy from this week’s eviction by eating green Chillies Promo Video

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Sep 23

Bigg Boss Season 3 September 23, 2019 Tamil corresponds to Monday, and on the 92nd day participants must nominate a housemate for eviction. Tharshan is called to the confession thread and given the opportunity to save someone, Tharshan says she wants to save Sherin because no one does it for her. Bigg Boss suffers a lot when he says he can do it by eating uncooked chilly food.

Then Bigg Boss says he can save more people by giving him one more chance and eating another chilly food. Tharshan could refuse it because of the pain he was experiencing, but by taking another green pepper, he took it to save Sandy. That's why Tharshan made it clear that he was supporting it. You will be nominated for eviction this week.


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