Bigg Boss 3 Tamil September 19, 2019 – Sherin gets Angry with Kavin’s Behaviour, Tharshan tries to pacify her Promo Videos

bigg boss 3 tamil kavin sherin fight

The 8th day of Bigg Boss season 3 claimed that Sandy was intentionally upset with Kavin at Sandy while Sandy accidentally pushed Losliya in the game on Thursday, September 19, 2019. Tharshan stepped in saying it was a game and an accident, but Kavin continued to argue and calmed Losliya between games.

Everyone had to quit the game and this angered Sherin. She could not tolerate the fact that everyone had to play a game for Kavin. And Kavin insisted that Sherin's anger grew because everyone played game fair and square games. She kicked a basket full of balls and said that this game can no longer continue.
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At that time Tharshan went to calm Sherin. She says she can't tolerate Kavin, who stops the challenge, doesn't do anything right, and keeps others from playing properly. Tharshan says such a beautiful girl is not angry, Sherin laughs. The promotion ends there.


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