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Rome and Florence

"All you can do is be vegan" Vegan food tourThe city is via one of the oldest districts in the city, Rome's Monty (3 hours, 67 euros for adults, 29 euros for children). While exploring the area, famous for gourmet street food and bohemian bars, travelers can taste antipasto, fresh pasta, pizza and dairy-free gelato.

From Tuscany Fantastic Florence It includes a vegetarian or vegan feast in the historic San Lorenzo area (up to 8 people at 65 euros per hour). The proposed tour (customizable) starts your day with an espresso and heads for Mercato Centrale di San Lorenzo to taste balsamic vinegar, truffles, bread, pasta and local soups. To finish off, there is a vegan certified wine and chocolate tasting.

Barcelona and Madrid

Vegetarian Restaurants in Vega, Madrid

Vegetarian Restaurants in Vega, Madrid

In the Spanish capital Madrid Vegan TourismWith plant-based tapas with craft beer Tinto de Verano The famous Malasaña district (red wine with lemon soda) (3 hours, € 68 / € 38), famous for its experimental restaurant. Or there is a heritage tour of a vegan lunch in the historic city of Toledo, 45 miles south of Madrid (7 hours, € 89).

Team behind Bee bike tour In Barcelona, ​​you can book a personalized tour by electric bike with a fully vegan guide, a raw cafe stop and a vegan cheese monger (email for details and prices). Alternatively, the sister company Barcelona Segway Tour's Gastronomic Segway Tour offers nine tapas dishes that are meat-free, dairy-free and gluten-free, with a three-hour tasting route (83 ppm).

London and Brighton

VegFest, Brighton Burger

VegFest, Brighton Burger

London was named last year's most vegan city by the Happy Cow. For a typical London experience B BakeryVegan afternoon tea is served from the vintage route master and heads to the classic route, where travelers drink tea and drink vegetable tarts and sandwiches (1 hour 30 pounds, 45 pounds).

Brighton is also longtime vegetable-friendly and is one of the venues for the March VegFest food festival. Sussex Food TourBrighton's vegetarian tour includes an award-winning restaurant and encourages carnivores to join in. It will be a “life-changing plant taste experience” (3 hours 59 pounds).


Hummus on a wooden table

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Berlin is also rich in meat-free dining and shopping options, and ranked second on Happy Cow's vegan friendly city list. Folk & WalkThe vegan walking tour (3 hours and 30 minutes at 44pp) explores the Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuzberg areas of Berlin, as well as the Stolpersteine ​​"breakthrough" holocaust monument, vintage photo booth Going through the squat, 1980s, and street art. Along the way, vegan snacks include donuts, dumplings, raw cakes, street foods and several pilsner beers. Byte Berlin Explore the city's history through a variety of food cultures and explore the area from Hackescher Market Square to the Neukölln area, including Curry Burst and Turkish cuisine (picture) selected as Berlin's most popular budget shortly after World War II (3 hours) To explore. , € 50).


Pondel park, amsterdam park, city, nature, people, green, grass, friends,

Vegan food tourThe Amsterdam adventure starts at Pondel Park (pictured) and heads into the Oud-West area, which takes into account the design of the city (3 hours € 79 / € 35). Travelers can taste a vegan version of Dutch bitter (Meat balls), raw ice cream, vegan junk food and weed burgers (made of seaweed). To travel the city by water Boat boy Run a canal cruise ship in a 1920s saloon. The vessel has an open deck on a sunny day, passes through landmarks including the home of Anne Frank, vegan cheese platter and unlimited wine and beer or vegan prosecco and champagne (1/2 hours from 25 ppm up to 12 people on request). This includes


Vegetarian African food in a Parisian cafe.

Vegetarian African food in a Parisian cafe. Photo: Katya Palladina / Alamy

Vegan food tour In France (same company, another company), you can choose routes from 3 cities. The tours are all 100{7be40b84a6a43fc4fae13304fce9a2695859798abfc41afd127b9f8b21c5f9c5} factory based, but most guests say omnivorous or flexible. That's not to be missed in the French classic. Vegan cheese, pâté (and wine on request) is served with modern healthy and traditional market rates. Tours in Paris are a mix of old town and temples on Belleville's urban street art or 10th Avenue, the city's most veggie-friendly area. A historic tour outside the capital leads travelers to the vegan gems of Lyon and Bordeaux. There are four vegan restaurants for four hours with breakfast, two-part lunch and dessert (55 euros).


Vegetarian food Prague Czech Republic

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Prague has recently seen an increase in meat-free restaurants, ranging from vegan donut shops to socially conscious vegetarian cafes that employ homeless and needy people. I like vegetables Touring the historic center and exploring new healthy recipes that are gathering power in the Czech capital, it is an alternative to the country's traditional meat-centric cuisine. The famous astronomical clock in the historical center of Prague, the old town square and the municipal house (4 hours 80 euros) have four stops.


Kalf & Hansen Restaurant, Stockholm

Kalf & Hansen Restaurant, Stockholm

A study last year found that 30{7be40b84a6a43fc4fae13304fce9a2695859798abfc41afd127b9f8b21c5f9c5} of Swedish people eat more plant foods to protect the environment. For a taste of that Scandi spirit Stockholm Food TourVegetarian walks explore the southern region of Sodermalm, popular with locals with its original atmosphere and innovative restaurants. The four-hour tour (£ 77pp) offers a mix of nearby food, fine dining and healthy restaurants, as well as raw food, including a vegan buffet with city views.


Budapest Great Market Hall

Budapest Great Market Hall. Photo: Alamy

Hungarian cuisine is traditionally meaty, but there are plenty of options for hungry vegetarians. Budapest 101 We offer a personalized, personalized tour with a local host (4 hours, € 46pp up to 6 people) and explore the history and culture of Hungary while tasting the city's best vegetarian and vegetarian food, from traditional pickles to cakes, coffee and wine It is. Stop there is a market, a bakery and a health food store for sticky vegan cheeses and traditions Crumbling (Potato pasta and paprika).


Narrow streets in Baixa district such as Rua Portas S Antao crowded with small restaurants

Photo: Alamy

Also Vegan food tour This year is a trip around pretty bakeries and squares in the new Lisbon Baixa region (figure) – the historic heart of the city famous for neoclassical architecture – “steak” sandwiches made from dairy-free pastries, seitans and vegan cheeses, and local vegan wines (3 Hour, € 59 / € 19 pp). To get traditional Portuguese food (meat and dairy free) in a rural setting, visit an organic farm in Sintra, west of Lisbon. The farm tour is followed by cooking lessons using seasonal ingredients. Participants can eat their creations at a table (40pp) with a sea view.


Vegan Swallowtail Greek Salad

Vegan Swallowtail Greek Salad

tzakiki, feta slabs, zucchini fry with vine leaves and spinach pie… Vegetarians will not be hungry in Greece. But even vegans can fill it. A secret vegan tour of Athens will warn you to bring an empty stomach. The two-hour, 15-minute tour includes vegan tacos, gyro souvlaki, Greek salad (pictured) and sake (55 euro) with ice cream waffles. The company, Vegan Tour Athens, runs the Beach Vegan Tour, heading to two less famous beaches near the city, winning awards including vegan vegetarian cheese tasting and raw desserts (6 hours, € 109 pp). Have lunch at a glowing restaurant in ). Frank Frank is the organizer of the vegan life festival held in Greece and has talks, exhibitions and parties (the following will take place in Crete on October 5-6, 2019).

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