BCB bumps up beep test requirement levels in domestic cricket

The Bangladesh Cricket Board decided to raise the beep test requirements at the national level to address the overall decline in the fitness level of male Bangladeshi athletes. National selectors recently instructed first-class teams to pick only those players who reached at least 11 people in the test. This is a two-step increase from last season when fitness tests were first required.

Nazmul Hassan, BCB chairman, said, “We found that the players of our country were very poor. "Director, Coach [Russell Domingo] & # 39; What kind of exercise is this? I have never seen the fitness of such players in South Africa. & # 39; You cannot suddenly increase your fitness level requirements. Can not reach the mark of 13 points [in the beep test] Or go beyond that.

"So we decided that if the player is on the national side, keeping the level of fitness too low in the domestic or lower tier matches will naturally score only the player on the country. Let's do 9 to 10 beep tests. Let's look at everything and make a decision, and I think I need to improve my stamina.

But the new requirements known to cricketers three weeks before the start of the 2019-20 season did not go well with some. The top first runner, Tushar Imran, said the selector was too close to the season and unfair.

Tushar said, "I am always ready to challenge." Pro Tom Aloe"It's unfair to say that we can't play if we can't reach 11. Cricket is bread and butter. It will be difficult for many cricketers.

"Many & # 39; super-fit & # 39; players on the senior side don't get many runs or have wickets. [But] It's our livelihood, so we're ready to challenge. "

The former national team of Bangladeshi former Mohamed Ash Lapull argued that only athletes in national or high-performance camps will have the necessary facilities to increase their level of fitness.

"I wouldn't have had a problem if I had been given adequate training facilities during the off season," he said. "I got 11.5 last year, but this facility is only available to the national team, the high-performance team and the Under-23 team. I hope to do 11.5 this year. Bangladesh

Suvagata Hom, a 17-year-old domestic star, said that domestic players need more preparation time if a certain fitness level is set as a requirement.

Hom says, "Athletes outside the national setting will have a hard time. We can't do long fitness camps because we rarely get 7-10 days of training for first-class competition. If you ask for this beep test with a short beep, It would have helped me reach that stage in fitness. "

The first class team will announce their squads after the fitness test held on October 1. The National Cricket League will start on October 5.


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