Baldev’s family disputes his minorities mistreatment allegation – Pakistan

PESHAWAR / MINGORA: Former Pakistani lawmaker Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Baldev Kumar seeks political asylum in India and accused the government led by Imran Khan of mistreating minorities in Pakistan.

Kumar, who belongs to the Sikh community of Barikot in Swat Valley, has the distinction of remaining a provincial legislator for only one day. He was arrested in the murder case of Soran Singh, the then special advisor to the prime minister, on April 22, 2016.

He was finally acquitted by an antiterrorist court in Buner in April 2018. He took an oath in May of the same year. However, the assembly was dissolved a day later by holding the general elections.

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, as well as the legal heirs of the late Soran Singh, filed separate appeals against the ATC judgment, which have been pending before the Superior Court of Peshawar, Swat Bank, commonly known as Darul Qaza. A bank in Darul Qaza is scheduled to hear the appeals on September 30.

Kumar's brother, Talak, and other members of non-Muslim communities in Swat have rejected accusations made by him in Indian media that religious minorities were mistreated in Pakistan.

Indian media, both printed and electronic, reported that Baldev Kumar had come to India on a visa with his two children and his spouse for the treatment of his 12-year-old daughter who had thalassemia.

According to reports, Kumar, whose wife belongs to India, has applied for political asylum citing discrimination against religious minorities in Pakistan as the main reason.

Talak Kumar, who had also remained as a councilman, denied the accusations made by his brother against Pakistan. "This is not only strange but illogical because we were born here and live happily while our people are doing business and working in key positions in government departments," he said. Sunrise.

He said that all minority communities, including the Sikhs, enjoyed security in the country. He added that the Sikh community had lived in Swat, Buner and Shangla for centuries with total religious freedom, since they never had any problems.

He said that Swat was his homeland and that he was a Pakistani patriot and that in times of war the Sikh community would be the first to fight for Pakistan.

Amar Jeet Malhotra, a former senator from the Awami National Party, expressed surprise at Baldev Kumar's position and said that all his claims were unfounded, as more than 450 families lived in the Malakand division in a safe and sound environment .

“He did all the drama to obtain Indian nationality because his wife belongs to Khanna in Indian Punjab and she does not want to return. We never felt any threat here and even during the militancy period from 2007 to 2009 we were safe here and we lived without any threat, "he said. Sunrise.

He said that most of the people belonging to the Sikh community in Swat were connected with different lucrative businesses, particularly in the clothing industry.

An additional general lawyer, Muhammad Rahim Shah, reported Sunrise that they had filed an appeal against the acquittal of Baldev Kumar in May 2018. He said his case was sound and that the trial court had not assessed the available evidence against the defendants.

Posted on Dawn, September 12, 2019



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