Azaan Sami Khan opens up about his relationship with his father

LAHORE- Adnan Sami Khan is controversial due to inappropriate tweets about Pakistan in a conflict between the two countries, while his son Azaan Khan is far from his father.

BBC Asian Network Reporter Haroon Rashid Sits Par ray hut love Music composer and composer Azaan Sami Khan talks about his career, parents, life choices and how to deal with his father Adnan Sami Khan's controversial political views.

As far as I'm concerned, the reason I've never talked about it before is because it's my father. I love and respect him, ”Azaan said. “He decided where he would like to live and the country he chose to call home. My choice to call home is now my choice and I want to work in Pakistan. ”

Explaining his relationship with his father, he said: “My father is more like a mentor. We have a strange topsy turvy relationship. I didn't spend much time with him, so our relationship is closer to my friends or mentors. ”

He mentions some of the Adnan Sami memes, saying some of them are quite fun.

The respect and love that Azaan says about parents and the country reflects the humble nature of this talented young man. ”I have an amazing friend [in India]. I lived a lot of life there, especially for 10 years, but Pakistan is my home. I feel like Pakistan's industry is my family. I have great pride, hope and ambition to contribute to an industry like home. ”

Azaan also recognized his mother Zeba Bakhtiar as a patriotism for Pakistan.

“Mother is a very trained, true and patriotic woman. Whatever I am today, it is because of her, ”said Azan.

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