ASEF Conference in Spain 2019 (FULLY FUNDED)

9th ASEF Conference in Spain

# MODELASEM9 The name of the conference and invites students from 51 Asian European countries. You can see your country 51 Asia-European Conference (ASEM) Partner Country List. The period is one week in Spain. 150 participants will be selected this year. ASEF 9th ASEF Conference in Madrid, Spain, 2019 For students Asia European Foundation. You can apply for any educational background.

Reference All disciplines Eligible with all academic disciplines. Only nationals whose name is on the list can apply. 51 Asia-European Conference (ASEM) Partner Countries

goal? For conversation dialogue, students between the ages of 18 and 30 in Asia and Europe, in the spirit of interaction, to talk about political, economic, social, cultural and educational issues of common interest. Did you know that Germany is calling students?

MSc DAAD Scholarship MSc and PhD (Full Funding)

9th ASEF Conference in Spain Main Content

  • Between: December 11-16, 2019
  • Host location Madrid, Spain
  • security? All Cost Covered Programs. 150 participants were selected via public currency.
  • Financial Coverage: Fully funded
  • Deadline: 12 Aug 2019

Financial aid

Asia European Foundation Spanish Conference to be Full Fund International Conference & Will deal with the following given below.

  • Round-trip airfare travel ticket cost.
  • We recommend the application of all societies.
  • There is no entry fee.
  • Free night.
  • Free meal.
  • There is no transportation fee when visiting the site.
  • Want more scholarship updates Opportunity desk Website

150 people in total

  • Do I need TOEFL / IELTS to apply for the program?
  • no. Must be fluent in English The candidate list only shows fluency during the application process.

Eligibility Criteria

Deadline: 12 August 2019

How to apply 9th ASEF Conference in Spain


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