Article 149: What it says about federal government’s powers?

ISLAMABAD: Attorney General Farogh Naseem's statement that the federal government should take administrative control of the city of Karachi for a better administration has given rise to a new debate on the powers of the federal government under Article 149.

The urban garbage problem caused a crack between local and federal governments. Prime Minister Lim Ran Khan organized a committee led by Farogh Naseem of the MQM-P, suggesting what he could do to clean the city.

dhCentre did not consult with Sindh at the Karachi Council, Sindh CM says

Minister Saeed Ghani Sndh says he criticizes the formation of the Karachi Commission.

Article 149 of the Pakistan Constitution relates to directions to provinces in certain cases. The article says

149. Instructions for provinces in certain cases. (1) All local administrative powers must be exercised to prevent or hinder the exercise of federal executive powers, and federal executive powers provide the state with such guidance that may appear necessary for that purpose.

One[(2)] Omitted.

(3) The executive power of the Federation also extends to providing the province with guidance on the construction and maintenance of declared means of communication in a national or strategically important direction.

(4) The enforcement powers of the Federation shall also extend to providing guidance to the province on how enforcement powers are exercised to prevent significant threats to peace, tranquility or economic life. Pakistan or part thereof.




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