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Anti-Corruption Established Balochistan Quetta

Contact and anti-corruption establishment
Valokistan Quetta

Anti-Corruption Established Baluchistan Quetta
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1. Assistant Investigator (BS-14)
2. Auscultation Knight (BS-14)
3. Assistant Computer Operator (BS-11)
4. Junior Clerk (BS-11)
5. Steady (BS-5)
6. Driver (BS-04)
Application Form (BPS-01)

Please apply for a post
Please paste
Recent passport size
Color picture
With chewing gum
Bank Branch / Code Deposit Date
Note: Applications will not be accepted without the original deposit slip of the CTS copy.
Normal Instruction / Information:
1 Complete the application correctly with complete and accurate information / answers.
2 Do not leave the field blank. Your application may not be considered.
3 If the information is inaccurate or false, you can revoke the candidate at any stage even after employment.
Also proceedings of legal action.
4 Attach two recent passport-sized photos, a copy of the CNIC, and an original copy of the bank statement (CTS copy)
5 You can not submit an application submitted directly.
6 Don't give out your ported mobile number (number converted between networks) to use SMS.
Delivery is guaranteed.
7 Mobile phones or electronic gadgets may not be used in the test center premises.
8 Application fee (service fee) is non-refundable.
Signature of the Candidate ___________

Please send your application
Project Manager (ACEB)
M / s Candidate Testing Services
Office 2, block 3, civil hardware
Markets near Chiltan Ghee Mills, Sirki Road

Last Date 10/10/2019

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