Amnesty International calls for removal of communications blackout in occupied Kashmir – World

The human rights group Amnesty International launched a petition on its website, urging people to raise their voices against the communications blackout imposed by the government in Kashmir occupied by India, which has been in effect for more than a month.

"Almost 8 million people have been going through a communication cut since August 5," the human rights organization said on its website.

"The world needs to know what is happening," he said and urged people to "take action and demand that the government let Kashmir speak."

Occupied Kashmir has been under strict blockade and blackout of communications since last month, before the Indian government repealed article 370 of the constitution, stripping the region of its special status on August 5. and settle there permanently.

The statement issued by Amnesty International noted that there were multiple reports of raids, arrests, confrontations and detentions in occupied Kashmir, and said that "the world can only speculate on what serious human rights violations could be occurring." [there] right now".

"There have been reports of political leaders detained or under house arrest," the organization said.

"Access to emergency services, education and medical care is being affected."

Amnesty International urged the Indian government to "put humanity first and let the people of Kashmir speak." It also demanded "unconditional and unrestricted access to news and information in the valley."

On Saturday, Prime Minister Imran Khan also urged the international community to play its proper role in solving the Kashmir problem and warned them that the dispute, which he says has become a "critical point" between India and Pakistan, It has the potential to become a nuclear war and impacting the entire world.



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