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Airport Security Force ASF Interview Preparation

How to Prepare for an Interview Career

All government departments and private sector interviews in Pakistan speak extensively, but the following is a broader area that is generally discussed in these interviews. The list of interviews will be updated here soon at ASF

Information about the profession and the nature of the department should be prepared

1. Introduction
2- Residential District Profile.
3-Qualification Questions Mostly related to the subjects of the graduate and master's programs, especially the main subjects of the final degree.
4- Job personality and departmental questions
5- Comments and information on contemporary issues
6- General knowledge base quiz type questions come mainly from Pakistani studies and Islamic studies.

Here I would like to share my experience for your interview

Fancy dress first
Confident and positive during the second interview
You will be asked in the following order
About Me
Why do you want to join this department?
Some questions related to the last degree, the person who applied based on your post.
Then it is a question related to current issues in Pakistan and the world.
Good luck with the interview.
Im also waiting for an Asf interview so please share your experience in this forum.
All the best

Secondly, I would like to share my experiences with your help. Here are the interviews for ASF 2009.
DG ASF Maj Gen with Interview Committee
It was just a general discussion.

1- Self introduction
2- Why do you want to join ASF?
3- What is September 11th?
4- How do you know a terrorist enters an air port? (Read face)
5- What did the terrorists do in September 2001?
Types of Bombs Used by Terrorists in Cases 6-11 / 11 (Petrol)
7- Isn't it a mistake to just read the face?
8- What are the duties of the inspector. ASI CORPORAL.

Additional information:

Family background, academic career Did you have a good academic background with a lot of information, research, sports, why are you good at some subjects and why are you bad or worse at some subjects? Some of the key questions include: math scores (secondary school, O & # 39; levels), percentage of math scores, Inter (Mark in Inter) (FA / FSC, high school, A & # 39; levels), school percentage , School address, university.
General awareness, general knowledge questions, religious questions, current events,

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