Airbnb plans public listing in 2020

Airbnb rental company Airbnb plans to list on the stock exchange in 2020 and said it is one of the most famous market debuts next year.

Airbnb, which is expected to be listed through direct listing in a simple statement posted on its website on Thursday, did not disclose details of its plan for listing shares.

Airbnb said Wednesday that its Q2 2019 sales exceeded $ 1 billion. Reuters reported in June that Airbnb is considering listing directly.

Although several well-known IPOs debuted this year, including Uber and Lyft Inc, investor skepticism over the lack of specific plans for profitability has left the company bad after launch.

WeWork owner We Company also postponed the initial public offering, halting preparations for launch this month due to incomplete responses from investors.

Airbnb plans to list in 2020.

Airbnb did not say more about whether it was profitable in the second quarter of 2019, but previously said that interest, taxes, depreciation and pre-amortization profits were positive in 2017 and 2018.

Recent sluggish stock market debuts of startup-rich startups have led investors to thin investors' patience with nonprofit Internet ventures.




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