Afridi wants PCB to give Sarfraz longer run as Pakistan captain – Newspaper

KARACHI: Former Pakistan captain and multi-faceted Shahid Afridi has asked the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to show more clarity about Captain Sarfraz Ahmad and announcing that he is the captain of a single series is quite questionable.

In an exclusive talk on Dawn news "Replay" sports program, Afridi said: "In my opinion, there must be a clear thought from PCB about the captain of the Pakistan cricket team. After the 2019 World Cup, PCB has changed the management of the entire team, but there is not enough clarity about the captain. Or they announce a new captain or give the current captain Sarfraz all the confidence to lead Pakistan by announcing it for a longer period of time. "

In informing Sarfraz about his role as captain, Afrid said he should lead the team from the front in all circumstances. “Sarfraz should now lead the team from the front and should try to contribute from his bat and his performance also to win games. He (Sarfraz) should also fight in order in my opinion. "

Afridi said that the double role of head coach and head coach is a big challenge for Misbah-ul-Haq. “Maintaining the two key positions is a great test for Misbah. But we should all support him and, if he is able to comply, he will be remembered as one of the greatest personalities in the history of cricket in Pakistan, "said the frank and versatile." Misbah has already done very well for Pakistan and its success as official will be a new impetus for him. "

Speaking about bowling coach Waqar Younis, Afridi said he should focus on his role and avoid interfering in Misbah's work.

Afridi also backed Umar Akmal and Ahmad Shahzad to return to Pakistan this year. "People say many things about the two players, but I feel that Umar and Shehzad should focus on their fitness and performance to silence their critics."

Afridi praised Babar Azam and said he is a world class player and can be prepared as a future captain.

He also advised the PCB to consult old greats like Younis Khan, Muhammad Yousuf, Abdul Razzaq and other older adults, and should use their experience to prepare new talents at the grassroots level.

Posted on Dawn, September 22, 2019



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