Afghan visa now mandatory for transporters – Pakistan

LANDI KOTAL: The Afghan border police in Torkham made the acquisition of the Afghan visa mandatory for all Pakistani carriers, along with the maintenance of other relevant travel documents.

In a pamphlet distributed among Pakistani carriers on Wednesday, Afghan border police warned that none of them would be allowed to enter Afghanistan without a valid visa, driver's license, road pass and original vehicle registration.

He said that all carriers carrying commercial merchandise in their vehicles to Afghanistan had to meet the requirements by the end of September, as they would not be allowed to cross the border after that.

In reaction to the new restrictions imposed by the Afghan government, Israr Shinwari, president of the local transport union, said the new conditions were not acceptable to them, as they would damage trade with Afghanistan.

He said officials from both countries should sit together and resolve the issue while they rely on carriers.

Haji Azeemullah, another carrier, argued that the new policy, if implemented, would seriously undermine Pakistan's efforts to improve bilateral trade with Afghanistan.

Posted in Dawn, September 26, 2019



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