AFC mble blund: bringing fans to the forefront with the latest initiatives

AFC mble blund
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The AFC mble bledon story is actually dealt with death, but if you don't know, they are the clubs that were originally born after mble bledon fc moved to Milton Keynes. The owner ignored the fan protest and changed the name, color. The badge is similar to the American franchise and has customized football clubs to Milton Keynes people who are not associated with mble blund fans. The club is known as MK Dons, and many consider it a continuation of mble blund and founded by helpless mble blund fans is AFC mble blund.

AFC Wimbledon, a club run and owned by mble blund fans for 2019 and moving forward, is in the same league as MK Dons after starting at the bottom of the British football pyramid. And worked on the way up to the Football League, and now the League One they live in. It has taken a quantum leap in clubs owned by fans without abundant supporters and funded by fans. This is rare, especially in modern football environments with many clubs.

Of course, thanks to Bolton, who was eventually saved, and tragically Steve Dale's immoral master, the recent situation of folded Bury serves as a reminder that it is not only the governing body of football, but also the so-called fit. The testing of the right people to allow these businessmen to participate in the game should be drastically changed, but like the AFC mble blund, the fan-owned model is potentially a way for many clubs to move forward.

Sadly, Premier League funds are not filtered out as inadequate with sub-divisions at the top of the EFL, so the situation in Bolton and Berry can be mediocre, and more and more fan-owned football clubs can come to the horizon as new or current.

AFC Wimbledon is living proof that such a model allows for relative success. Clubs based in nearby Kingston are currently priced at 50/1 by online betting sites such as 888sport to win promotions in League One this season, with a 200/1 (888sport) odds to win titles. However, the budget is essentially on the ceiling compared to most fans and smaller stadiums with less than 5,000 budgets, with a low fan budget.
club. But unique initiatives can change things.

AFC mble blund
(Via the image

The club had to raise additional funds to help their dream after the plan was announced to move the club to a new plow lane, hundreds of yards from don Bleddon FC's former plow house. In the end it can be extended to 20,000).

AFC Wimbledon has launched a crowdfunding campaign where people can invest in the stadium. £ 10, £ 1000 or £ 100,000. Investors then have a stadium wall, a beer tap, and even a urinal-only name, depending on how many seats they have, and in one game they have the unique ability to be the name right partner of the stadium. The rewards are endless, but you get the idea. Naturally, after months of campaigning, the club achieved its desired £ 2,000,000 goal, and fans funded another chapter in an amazing story.

Is a club run by fans like AFC mble Bleddon the future? Probably possible.


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