Abbasi wants trial of LNG terminal case telecast live – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: An accountability court on Thursday rejected a request from the National Office of Accountability (NAB) seeking custody of former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, former finance minister Miftah Ismail and former managing director of the Sheikh of oil from the state of Pakistan, Sheikh Imranul Haq in the LNG terminal case and sent them to the Adiala jail in 14-day preventive prison.

Abbasi filed a statement in court alleging that due to his affiliation with an opposition party, NAB had arrested him in the case without determining the facts that the terminal had saved Rs1 billion of public money.

In a brief meeting with reporters, the main leader of PML-N demanded that the trial of his case be broadcast live on television.

In his statement, Abbasi said he was arrested on July 18 "without an original arrest warrant" in connection with an investigation into "the construction and operation of M / s Elengy Terminal Pakistan Limited and alleged misuse of authority … causing loss to the national treasury of an approximate amount greater than Rs1.54 billion ”.

The accountability court sends former PM, Miftah, former PSO chief to jail for 14 days of judicial detention

"I will continue to say that, compared to the generation of energy with oven oil, this terminal has saved the government of Pakistan more than Rs1 billion," he said.

"I appear before you as a defendant and detained, and after 70 days, NAB continues to investigate my" crimes. "Is this justice?" The former Prime Minister asked Judge Mohammad Bashir.

“All this was simply to press, threaten, coerce, intimidate, vilify and make a case, any case! Is this responsibility, or victimization, political revenge and misuse of the government institution or intimidate and demonize political opponents to submit and establish scores? ”He asked in the statement.

Referring to a statement by the President of the Supreme Court of Justice, Asif Saeed Khosa, said: "What is happening today in Pakistan is a fact of political engineering through NAB that the President of the Supreme Court of Pakistan spoke about. The practice here is that if the government is afraid of later, someone starts a media trial against him, organizes an investigation / investigation, threatens to present an NAB case, defames him, arrests him, insults his character and integrity, he take away your freedom and dignity and start looking for cases. "

Abbasi said that during the past 20 years “only one politician, former Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif, has been convicted by the court of responsibility. It happened in the court next to this court. The facts of the conviction / decision have been taken into account by the august Supreme Court of Pakistan after serious incontrovertible evidence of inappropriate conduct by the learned judge emerged. "

He commended Miftah Ismail and Imranul Haq and said that "both gentlemen are the prominent economists and corporate executives of Pakistan … Their only crime is that they have not become approvers against me and have refused to sell their souls, so both those who were seen as easy targets have resisted and tested the character test. ”

On the allegations of corruption and corrupt practices made by the NAB in a press release issued about his arrest, Abbasi said: “I say that if I am corrupt, I must have taken money from someone. LNG terminal [M/s Elengy] The project did not involve government funds. So who paid money, to whom and for what purpose?

“It is a case of misuse of authority! The question is what is the job of a government minister, or a prime minister. I have held both positions. It is to make policies and then implement them. I say with full authority that I assume full responsibility for all decisions in my mandate, and that there was no crime, or collusion with government officials, to commit fraud or participate in illegal practices. "

Abbasi said in the statement that the cost of the LNG (liquefied natural gas) terminal in question was "the lowest in the world" and was the only LNG terminal in the world that operated at 100{7be40b84a6a43fc4fae13304fce9a2695859798abfc41afd127b9f8b21c5f9c5} capacity. Therefore, the question to ask is: what is the loss to the national treasury?

"The NAB investigation does not establish any case of a crime that I have committed or that has caused a loss to the national treasury, and guarantees immediate dismissal, with cost / damage for the loss of my freedom, prestige, freedom , consult my & # 39; me & # 39; and my family, my reputation, my honor and my dignity, ”concluded Mr. Abbasi.

Ahsan in the NAB office

Former planning and development minister Ahsan Iqbal appeared before the NAB authorities at his regional headquarters in Rawalpindi on Thursday, in relation to the Narowal Sports City (NSC) case and presented details of his income and expenses.

The PML-N leader had already submitted his response to a questionnaire given by the anti-graft guard dog in the case in which he is accused of using funds from the federal government and the Pakistan Sports Board for the sports city that is being settling in his hometown of Narowal. .

Speaking with Dawn, Mr. Iqbal said he had nothing to do with the case, since the project had been launched in 2009 during the PPP government when he was not a federal minister.

Posted on Dawn, September 27, 2019



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