Aamir Khan Gulshan Kumar Biopic Mogul – Aamir Khan’s big announcement, will work with Subhash Kapoor in Gulshan Kumar’s biopic Mogul

Amir Khan Gulshan Kumar Bio Pick Mogul

Mr. in a Hindi movie Widely known as the Perfectionist, Aamir Khan made a big announcement. Aamir Khan changed his previous decision and decided to work for Mogul, a biography of the music company T-series founder Gulshan Kumar. In this film, Aamir already wanted to work, but refused because of Metu's claim to Subhash Kapoor. When IFTDA, the largest director organization, hindered this problem, Aamir said yes to the movie Mogul. Because Amir said he would be considered innocent until the charges against him were proved.

Aamir Khan tweeted about the movie Mogul and wrote in his tweets. Kiran Khair and I were making Mogul and doing it. When we filmed, we didn't know that the case for the honorable Subhash Kapoor was going on. I think this is the case for 5-6 years old. We think we didn't get much attention because there is not so much in the media space. Last year we encountered this problem during the Me-Too movement, and when we learned about it we were very upset. Kiran and I talked about it in detail. We have been in a big dilemma for more than a week.

As the actors talked about the impact on Subhash Kapoor's life, “I was really confused because I felt that our actions accidentally put people who lost their lives in this matter. 1 year? Or 10 years? We do not know. What if he is innocent? We were very angry. The law considers you an innocent person until you are convicted. But should not work until the court reaches a conclusion? Should I just sit at home? Can't they earn income on their own? Therefore, we have been in this trouble for several months. Couldn't sleep at night. I could not sleep because I felt that those who did not know about their guilt, who lost their right to work and lost their livelihood, constantly harmed their work.

Aamir received a letter from IFTDA about how this bold step was taken about four months ago in May of this year. IFTDA is a directors association. Mr. Kapoor thinks he wrote IFTDA to the lab in an effort to work. Therefore, he sent a letter stating that his case was biased, he must wait until the court decides the case, and by that time he should not lose his right to income. Not convicted in all fairness, so do not do anything harmful. He is a member of our association. You are a member of our association and it is very unfortunate that it does not work. What will they do in such a situation? He appealed to reconsider my decision. As I read the letter, I began to feel more guilty. Perhaps we are doing it wrong.


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