6 Lahore police officials booked after another man dies from alleged torture – Pakistan

Six police officers, including a sub-inspector, were nominated in a criminal case for allegedly torturing a man, identified as Amir, until death in Lahore, emerged Tuesday.

According to a first information report (FIR) presented on the complaint of the victim's brother, Amir, who worked as a gardener in the PF colony of Lahore, was summoned at the North Cantt police station by Deputy Inspector Zeeshan on August 28 . He was then taken to an unknown place, where he was subjected to torture.

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According to the victim's brother, Amir had been called by Zeeshan in collusion with a civilian, Rana Mohammad Hanif, who was also nominated in the FIR.

Meanwhile, Amir's family approached the police station after they were told that Zeeshan had called the deceased, but that he could not meet the sub-inspector. On September 2, Zeeshan and two unidentified officers handed Amir, who was seriously injured, to his family. He was taken to the Hospital of Services, where he died, said the FIR.

Police Inspector General (IGP) Punjab Arif Nawaz Khan took note of the incident and ordered that a case be filed against SI Zeeshan, the investigation officer Nasir Baig and four other officers and requested that a detailed report be submitted within one day.

Police arrested the agent of the Baig and North Cantt police station, Khurram Gul, while Zeeshan is released.

This is the third case of this type that came to light last week. On Sunday, a man who is said to have a mental disability had died in police custody in Rahim Yar Khan. On the same day, a middle-aged man had died in Lahore after allegedly tortured by the Gujjarpura police in an illegal torture cell that was unearthed last month.

IGP Punjab had expressed his dissatisfaction and released a brochure on Monday with clear instructions to all field officials that "no officer will be released if that crime is reported somewhere in the province."

Source: https://www.dawn.com/news/1503302/6-lahore-police-officials-booked-after-another-man-dies-from-alleged-torture


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