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teaThe odd Philips Joker had a world premiere at the Venice Film Festival on Saturday, so it's impressive that almost everyone on the internet has an opinion about it. Critics' reviews here have generally been positive, but have been frustrating by fans and film fans in the film industry, already known as “film twitter”. One of the main points of the debate about the origins of Philips comic book villains is to sleep with a feather to suppress culture in any way, or a "beta male" who does not want a woman. In the 2014 Isla Vista murder case with sexual harassment and anger, sex acts and a feeling that could attract attention, real violence began to occur as the killer killed 11 people aimed at women's groups and killed 6 people.

Joaquin Phoenix's unobstructed Arthur Fleck in Joker is a loser in every way, perhaps a loser, not self-identification. He is not a friend except his mother, he works as a party clown, and the tendency to be paralyzed makes everyone he meets anxious. And like taxi driver Travis Bickle (Betsy's obsession), he becomes romantically intrigued by Sophie (Zazie Beetz), a pretty little girl who knows little. His fantasies are driving excessively.

But romance and sex, or lack of it, are not critical to Joker's move to violence. He never expresses any special malice against Sophie. Rather Arthur needs to see and love (although still very fast). In his case, he is a star comedian, but when he can't achieve that goal, he gets a more cunning fame.

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Holding it in the hands of cultural commentators is worried whether the Joker can trigger copycat violence or make a character a sort of folk hero. The possibilities are as follows: Fleck actually has an injured vulnerability, and due to the discontinuation of social services during consultation and taking mental medications, he cannot receive adequate treatment. Can a marginalized young man be identified with this? In the context of Ronald Reagan's assassin John Hinckley Jr. (obsessed with Bitch's assassination plot and Jodie Foster), will he be obsessed with action by watching a movie about another marginalized young man? Perhaps. Do Wall Street wolves encourage people to go out and sell bad penny stocks? Does Scarface fascinate cocaine? How is this different from blaming gun violence in video games?

In essence, Philips' films claim that if society ignores damaged people like Fleck, it causes bloodshed and confusion. The claim is questionable, but the fact is that the film is proficient in the function of the film. When he ascends to the position of Gotham's legendary arch villain, he gets confused and badly excited.

However, despite the suggestion that it is a reactionary demand for atonementism, the Joker does not particularly divide into one political point of view. The mental health services that affect Arthur's stability are likely to be severely cut back and welcomed entirely right-wing with Phillips' focus on the ominous effects of widespread total ownership. Joker is a smart, stylish and troublesome movie. The person depicting is the product of our time. But film culture suffers when people are prepared to hate movies based on their political stance.



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