3 men sentenced to life imprisonment in 2012 Kohistan video scandal case – Pakistan

On Thursday, a court of sessions in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa granted life imprisonment to three people in the infamous Kohistan video scandal in 2012.

District and session judge Safiullah Jan of Kolai-Palas Kohistan announced the verdict in Bisham amid strict security arrangements, and sentenced Mohammad Umar Khan, Saeer and Sabir to life imprisonment for killing three women on behalf of & # 39; honor & # 39 ;, according to Attorney General Attaullah Kan.

The three convicted men are relatives of the murdered girls. Mohammad Umar is the brother of the late Begum Jaan, Saeer is the father of Bazigha and Sabir is the father of Seerin Jaan.

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The convicts were arrested last year by the Mansehra police.

All three had confessed the murders in court, said lawyer Saboor Khan, who represented the plaintiff's family. DawnNewsTV.

Five other defendants were acquitted of the charges against him. They include: Mehboobur Rehman, Abdur Rashid, Shamsur Rehman, Sarfaraz and Habibullah.

All the defendants were taken to court from jail amid strict security arrangements made by Shangla and Kolai-Palas Kohistan police.

Two of the three men convicted in the case are escorted by the police. – Photo: Umar Bacha

Security inside and outside the court was also on high alert during the announcement of the verdict. The only two journalists present to cover the announcement were not allowed inside the courtroom.

In May 2012, a grainy video of four women singing and clapping and two children dancing had gone viral in the ultra-conservative and remote district of Kohistan. Three of the women in the video were allegedly killed by order of a jirga.

The video was filmed at the home of Afzal Kohistani, who went on to expose the honor by killing murders after his own three brothers were killed in Palas Kohistan. Afzal continued his fight through several courts to punish the murderers of women and their siblings for years, until he himself was shot dead in Abbottabad in March this year.

Afzal's younger brother, Bin Yasir, who was one of the two men seen dancing in the video, continued to fight for cases on his behalf and appeared in all court hearings.

Commenting after today's verdict, Bin Yasir said Sunrise On the phone he would be happier if the court had convicted all the alleged murderers of his brothers and women.

Faizur Rehman, an Afzal nephew who was the only person present at the court hearing, said they would challenge the court verdict.

“I am not happy with the judicial decision; we will challenge the acquittal of the five defendants in the high court because they were involved in the murder of the girls because they killed my four uncles, "he said, adding that his family was also receiving threats from the rival Azad Khel tribe and That their lives were at risk.

Thus, the video ended up claiming seven lives, including that of the three women and four men, including Afzal Kohistani and his three brothers.

The case was addressed by the Supreme Court on at least three occasions and the murder of women was established years later.

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the three men were convicted of the murder of five women. In fact, they were convicted of the murder of three women.

Source: https://www.dawn.com/news/1503687/3-men-sentenced-to-life-imprisonment-in-2012-kohistan-video-scandal-case


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