27 ministries issued red letter as PM Office sets deadline for task completion

Islamabad – Prime Minister Lim Lan Khan has issued & # 39; red letters & # 39; to more than 20 ministries / divisions and called for “severe delays” in the mission.

A red letter was issued to the Secretary-General, requesting 27 federal ministries / divisions from a total of 34 ministries to complete their assigned tasks by 9 September and submit a compliance report to the Secretariat.

According to a red letter issued to the ministry / branch, 30 days were given to complete certain tasks, including providing a list of positions in vacancies at all levels for the construction or updating of recruitment rules.
In addition to providing a list of officers / public servants (all types of all employees) who are eligible for promotion and not promoted for a variety of reasons, provide a list of empty positions at any level that may be reassigned, rationalized or deleted.

In addition, the work assigned to the ministry included the timely disposition of all disciplinary procedures initiated for public officials who were waiting for more than three months and the provision of data in the prescribed format regarding records / files, machines, vehicles to be kept. Equipment to be accused and disposed of in accordance with approved procedures.

The new letter said two briefing sessions were convened to ensure clarity.

Initially, on August 17, a "yellow letter" was issued to the ministry, emphasizing that half of the time had passed to complete the task.

“Despite the above mentioned situation, the operation is seriously delayed and [is] The letter is now past due, ”the letter said.

The PM Secretariat said that it will instruct these red letters to be completed to complete assignments that have not yet finished due dates for the performance report of their ministry / department.

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