16 full scholarships in China for international students

There were about half a million international scholars drunk at Chinese universities last year. These improved figures are due to the scholarship system of the Chinese government, where nearly 59,000 foreign scholarships are receiving scholarships in 2017. Another amazing draw from academics around the world is that the number of English education programs is increasing, and that number is up 63%. In the last 5 years

China Full Scholarship

Scholarships in China are offered between March and May each year. At present, we take you 16 Scholarship in China. So check this out!

One. Jiangsu University (JSU) Presidential Scholarship

To further strengthen undergraduate guidance around the world, Jiangsu University offers scholarships to undergraduate students around the world enrolled in English language courses at Jiangsu University. This scholarship includes 20,000 CNY annually for the full cost of education and settlement of the doctorate, and Master's education costs, and 10,000 CNY for the first year of undergraduate study.

Official link: http://oec.ujs.edu.cn/en/pages?cid=140

2. Zhengzhou University Scholarship

Zhengzhou University has announced the “Zhengzhou University President's Scholarship” to improve international trade and cooperation and to support outstanding international research for research. Scholarships are designed to help graduate undergraduates around the world find a degree, especially a professional degree, at a university. The scholarship period is three to four years, depending on the length of the full-time master's and professional programs. Scholarships include all or part of the cost of education, settlement and salary.

Official link: http://international.zzu.edu.cn/en/scholarship/detail?cid=49&pid=5&detail=133

three. Anhui Government Scholarship

The Anhui Government Scholarship Program will gradually attract international studies for research and research on Anhui Advanced Education Fundamentals, improve the quality of academic instruction around the world, strengthen understanding and friendship between Anhui individuals and individuals from around the world, and create universal impacts. Was established to expand. Anhui's training scholarship is 20,000 yuan per year, master's 30,000 yuan, doctoral degree 10,000 yuan.

Official link: http://en.ahu.edu.cn/engjjy/ee/82/c6529a61058/page.htm

4. Beijing Government Scholarship

The Beijing Government Scholarship was established by the Beijing Municipal Government and planned to cut the cost of education in half or in full to international scholars who apply for or study in Beijing. Several scholarships are offered each year for undergraduate, master's and doctoral degrees. Scholarships include education fees.

Official link: http://www.ebeijing.gov.cn/Study/Scholarships/

5. Chinese Government Quantum Scholarship Program

The bilateral program incorporates a full or partial scholarship set by the Chinese Ministry of Education in accordance with the understanding or agreement of educational exchanges between the Chinese government and various countries, foundations, universities or worldwide associations. The quantum program supports undergraduate, postgraduate faculty, general researchers, and senior researchers. Undergraduate scholarship recipients must register for Chinese education credits. Graduate and non-qualified scholarship undergraduate students can enroll in either the Chinese Language Education Program or the English Language Education Program. The quantum program offers full scholarships and intermediate scholarships.

Official link: http://lxs.ecnu.edu.cn/EN/msg.php?id=33

6. Shanghai Government Scholarship

These scholarships are offered to undergraduates around the world who are studying in Shanghai by the Shanghai government, which is a master's or doctoral degree (full scholarship) and a university degree (halfway scholarship). For undergraduate studies, scholarships include tuition waivers and full medical protection. Master's and PhD studies cover exemptions from education costs, resolution, salary and extensive treatment protection.

Official link: http://lxs.ecnu.edu.cn/EN/msg.php?id=35

7. Jiangsu Government Scholarship

This scholarship will be offered to amazing overseas undergraduates or researchers who can accept full-time study at the university in Jiangsu. It will also integrate non-degree programs with international students. Scholarships include a full waiver of education fees, enrollment, research center exams, beginner positions, and required reading materials. Accommodation, monthly salary, medical care and many other things. An additional 30,000 yuan additional scholarships are awarded during the year, and winners receive half the scholarships in half for two semesters. Scholarships are offered for undergraduate, master's and doctoral degrees. Research.

Official link: http://coe.yzu.edu.cn/art/2019/1/18/art_41090_679147.html

8. Chinese Government-Chinese University Scholarship

The Chinese University Program is the perfect scholarship for assigned Chinese universities and certain collaborative workplaces in the express or autonomous regions, recruiting outstanding international research for graduate studies in China. The scholarships help students with nearly three years of master's degree and four years of doctoral degree. The Chinese University program offers full scholarships, including tuition waivers, accommodations, salaries and full medical care.

Official link: http://iczu.zju.edu.cn/english/redir.php?catalog_id=22232

9. Developing Countries MOFCOM (Ministry of Commerce) Scholarship

The MOFCOM scholarship is established by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China to further strengthen communication and participation between China and other countries to create capacity for developing countries. Scholarships are master's and doctoral degrees. Program and training costs; textbook; Research and overview; Paper orientation; One-time settlement costs: 3,000 RMB per master's study, 3,000 RMB temporary band actors per doctoral degree; Ground convenience; Salary: Recovery protection and one round trip global airfare.

Official link: http://gjjyxy.nwpu.edu.cn/new_en/jxj/MOFCOM_SCHOLARSHIP.htm

10. Schwarzmann Scholar Program

Schwarzman Scholars will consistently speak with up to 200 pioneers. Schwarzman Scholars are selected not only for academic fitness and academic ability, but also for their initiative potential, pioneering spirit, the ability to trace and trace to emerging patterns and openings, complimentary personalities, diverse societies, and perspectives. And location. All qualified applicants must have effectively completed a college degree prior to admission and have English proficiency.

The effective costs of Schwarzman Scholars include tuition and costs, accommodation and boarding, travel to and from Beijing, international study visits, essential course books and supplies, Lenovo laptops and smartphones, health care and inconspicuous personal salaries.

Official link: https://www.schwarzmanscholars.org/

11. China Oxford Scholarship

The China Oxford Scholarship Fund (COSF) scholarship is available to undergraduates in the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong and Macau, who have held postgraduate education at Oxford University. Up to 20 scholarships are awarded each year. Inclination is given to individuals studying in the UK. Effective applicants are the highest level gauges that focus on all subjects. They are selected based on their academic greatness, budgetary needs, administrative quality and obligation to contribute to China's improvement.

COSF's goal is to develop all honorary sums. It believes that it can make a gift that will give 20 graduate students a full financial scholarship every year. The fund is firmly connected to Oxford University and China Center. It works closely with the university's international offices and postgraduate admissions and funding offices. COSF likewise maintains ties with the best universities of the People's Republic of China. Although not profitable from administrative funding. Educational activities are accepted by the British and Chinese governments.

Official link: https://chinaoxford.org/

12. Cardiff University China Scholarship

Apply to the China Scholarship Council at Cardiff University in the UK. This scholarship asset for undergraduate students in China will study for a doctorate. Degrees in the field of science and innovation. Cardiff University offers full training and annual salaries to help you become self-sufficient in full-time doctoral degrees. For three years, research worldwide CSC scholarships often do not hide airfare and cost of living for four years.

Official link: https://www.cardiff.ac.uk/study/international/funding-and-fees/international-scholarships/phd-research-scholarships

13. Mutsu University Heilongjiang Provincial Government Scholarship Program

The Heilongjiang Government provides scholarships for international undergraduates to study at various levels of study at designated educational foundations in the Heilongjiang region. Jiamusi University is a multidisciplinary university located in Jammu Tsu, Heilongjiang Province, People's Republic of China.

Official link: http://iec.jmsu.edu.cn/info/1016/1730.htm

14. Award for Achievement for International Students

Powered by the HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund, Hong Kong University of China is offering an Achievement Achievement Award that strives to pursue a higher education program. The above is available to Hong Kong and international academia.

The point of the scholarship is to provide recognition for additional efforts made by worthy scholars who have excellent educational needs in overcoming the various challenges that must be pursued after secondary education.

Official link: https://www.edb.gov.hk/en/edu-system/postsecondary/local-higher-edu/publicly-funded-programmmes/scholarship.html

15. Northwest China Polytechnic University Scholarship

new Northwest The Polytechnical University President Scholarship Program is currently offered for distance study. that much Northwest Polytechnical University is a national key university coordinated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China located in Xi'an, Shaanxi, China. The international university was founded in October 2007, while at the same time NPU established a host university of Chinese government scholarship, which is recognized by the Ministry of Education's China Scholarship Council. From that point on, the university continued to receive international studies in a variety of majors from anywhere in the world.

Official link: http://gjjyxy.nwpu.edu.cn/new_en/jxj/NPU_President_Scholarship_1.htm

16. Full Funded TBSI Ph.D. Chinese scholarship

Tsinghua – Berkeley School of Shenzhen offers scholarships for international undergraduates to earn their master's and doctoral degrees. Programs. This scholarship is available to non-Chinese scholars. Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute (TBSI) established in 2014 that the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) and Tsinghua University mutually settled on scaffolding activities over the weeks with the help of the Shenzhen Municipal Government. It is an excellent step for social and national, academic world and industry, and worldwide joint efforts to encourage future business people and pioneers in the field of science and innovation.

Official link: http://www.tbsi.edu.cn/index.php?s=/cms/index/detail/id/992.html


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