13 arrested, restaurant sealed in Lahore for allegedly serving alcoholic beverages – Pakistan

A well-known food store in Lahore was sealed on Saturday for allegedly violating the ban on serving and selling alcoholic beverages, police said.

Police arrested 13 people and filed a criminal case against the administration of the media, SP Malik Imran said.

According to the FIR, a copy of which is available with DawnNewsTV, the joint incursion of the police and the department of special taxes was carried out in Café Aylanto following the instructions of the commissioner of Lahore.

On the basis of a notice, the commissioner had entrusted the Subcommittee of Revenue, Muddassar Nawaz, to take measures against coffee if any illegal activity was carried out there.

Later, the assistant commissioner shared intelligence information with Model Town's assistant commissioner, Zeeshan Ranjha, Lahore's Special Tax Department, ETO Masood Bashir Waraich and Model Town Malik Imran SP.

Senior executives discussed the matter and constituted a raid. To continue investigating the matter, undercover agents were sent to the restaurant. Undercover agents bought foreign liquor worth Rs12,000 and pointed out the two assistant commissioners who then intervened and initiated legal action.

Meanwhile, a police party remained alert outside the cafe to avoid any unpleasant situation. A large number of liquor bottles and restaurant staff were seized and some clients were arrested.

Source: https://www.dawn.com/news/1504055/13-arrested-restaurant-sealed-in-lahore-for-allegedly-serving-alcoholic-beverages


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