What is the prospect of the newly promoted EPL team this year?

The new Premier League season is coming. Manchester City and Liverpool are expected to have Tottenham, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal back in Manchester City and Liverpool. Rumors about the third place.

Newly promoted EPL team

But for some teams, the 2019/20 season will be the start of a whole new adventure. Three new teams will join the Premier League standings in the form of Aston Villa, Sheffield United and Norwich City. They may well be aware that the teams promoted last year have various properties. Wolverhampton Wanderers was a revelation with the best rest after the six teams mentioned above. Cardiff and Fulham, on the other hand, suffered from the foot of the table and went straight down by the end of the season. How do new employees pay this year?

Aston Villa

After finishing fifth in the championship, Villa seemed to be scheduled for a year at the second tier. However, the inspirational leadership inspired by Jack Grealish captain made a fantastic performance in the playoffs. There is a team with the best flight experience and can suit anyone if Grealish is suitable.

But because of his weakness in defense, Dean Smith's men have to turn Villa Park into a fortress. Bookmakers at https://www.unibet.eu/betting have a villain odds of 1/3 staying in the top 10 on September 2.

Norwich City

Canary won last year's Manchester City Championship version and outperformed all players. They relied on vast and aggressive play to score an incredible 93 goals. In particular, the talent of Emi Buendia is undeniable, and Norwich is pleased to have secured his service for the next five years. But as with last year, it would be confusing to think that you can blow out the Premier League defense.

Another concern about Norwich is that it admits a lot, as well as scoring more goals than anything else. All in all, they should show that they can play different types of football to strengthen their work and keep them. At the end of the season, these booklets also have money to return to the championship.

Sheffield United

Blade worked hard to secure his second auto promotion spot last season, and 33-year-old captain Billy Sharp inspired his teammates with 23 goals.

Sheffield's key to success was the opposite of Norwich. They withdrew all the games, recognizing only 41 goals (compared to 57 for Norwich), and have a strong defense unlike other promoted teams. United has no depth, so the biggest concern is when someone is injured. Chris Wilder will strengthen the squad on the left side of the transmission window. United is renowned for its descending drums, but for those who believe in old-fashioned football, it may be the only excuse to support them to get out of relegation.


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