Unknown Facts about Elavenil Valarivan Winner of Gold at ISSF World Cup – Age, Net Worth, Wiki and Family

Ella Benil Bala Liban 2

Elavenil Valarivan is the first girl from South India's Tamil Nadu who won a gold medal in a 10m air rifle at the ISSF World Cup. She joined the elite list of two other women who won gold at the ISSF World Cup, namely Apurvi Chandela and Anjali Bhagwat.

Elavenil Valarivan Wiki, Unknown Facts

  • Elavenil Valarivan Date of Birth – August 2, 1999 (20 years old)
  • She was born in Tamil Nadu Kudalor
  • Valarivan won the gold medal on behalf of India in the 2018 ISSF Junior World Cup.
  • Won the silver medal in the World University Games in 2019.
  • Elavenil Valarivan wins gold at World Junior World Cup Suhl 2019
  • Elavenil Valarivan Coach – Neha Chavan
  • She won her first gold medal when she was 13 years old.
  • Elavenil Valarivan moved to Ahmedabad when he was two years old.
  • Elavenil Valarivan Father –
  • Elavenil Valarivan Mother –
  • Her parents, doctoral scholars, have always been very encouraged by her choice.
  • Ella Benil Bala Liban Net Worth –

    Ella Benil Bala Livan Invisible Photos

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