Trump reiterates offer to mediate on Kashmir issue

US President Donald Trump said he will do his best to mediate or somehow help India and Pakistan tension Kashmir. Calming tensions in Kashmir after India withdrew its autonomy rule on August 5, the Pakistani government said three civilians were killed in Indian gunfights in Indian gunfights. Arbitration-He said Narendra Modi would raise the situation on the weekend with Indian Prime Minister. "Kashmir is a very complicated place. There are Hindu and Muslim people, and I don't get along very well." "I will do my best to mediate," he added. Since early August, at least 4,000 people have been detained in Kashmir, an Indian authority, which has restricted communication blackouts and limited freedom of movement. A senior US official, who just returned from a visit to the area, called on India to release prisoners quickly and restore basic freedoms on Tuesday. "We continue to be concerned about reporting on detention and continue to be restricted to local residents." The State Department official told reporters. "We urge respect for individual rights, legal process compliance and inclusive conversations. "Said an official who spoke about the state of anonymity. India strongly denied allegations that Trump's Modi had invited peacekeepers last year, and almost half a day when British Security Council had its first formal meeting in Kashmir, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had to resolve the dispute over India and Kashmir on Tuesday. I told Modi. "The UK made it clear that the issue of Kashmir was solved bilaterally by India and Pakistan. A Downing Street office spokesman stressed the importance of addressing the issue through dialogue. In Paris ahead of the G7 summit, Meet.


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