Top Chinese commander reaffirms full support to Pakistan

ISLAMABAD – Vice Chairman of Xu Qiliang China’s Central Military Command convened Prime Minister Lim Lan Khan on Tuesday and reaffirmed China’s full recognition of Pakistan, especially at this critical time.

He underscored the importance of the long-proven China-Pakistan strategic partnership, conveying the commitment of the Chinese leadership to a long tradition of bilateral support for each other on issues of core national concern.

Xu is leading a high-level delegation to Pakistan to discuss the mutual interests of Pakistan and China, PM Media Media Wing said in a press release.

At the meeting, Prime Minister Lim Ran Khan highlighted the ingenious quality of the long-proven Pakistani-Chinese all-weather strategic cooperative partnership, explaining it as an anchor for regional and other peace and stability.

The Prime Minister thanked China for supporting Pakistan’s approach to UNSC following India’s unilateral and illegal actions and the humanitarian crisis of the occupation of Jammu and Kashmir (IoJ & K).

At this meeting, Pakistan and China agreed to continue to consult and coordinate closely to promote peace and stability in the region and maintain strategic balance.

The Prime Minister emphasized on August 5 the illegal and unilateral action of India, the continual pause of millions of Kasmirs under the occupation of Jammu & Kashmir for three weeks, serious human rights and humanitarian situations, and peace and security threats in India. Act.

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The prime minister also stressed that India could launch a false flag to divert global attention from crime.

He repeated that the curfew of IoJ & K should be lifted immediately, and that international human rights NGOs should visit IoJ & K to ensure an objective assessment of humanitarian tragedy.

The Prime Minister also stressed that the brutal oppression of IoJ & K’s human rights is likely to trigger an extremist wave, and India’s reckless behavior could destabilize the region.

General Xu Qiliang delivered warm greetings from President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Li Keqiang and reiterated Beijing’s commitment to strengthening China-Pakistan relations in a wide range of areas.

Xu stressed that the South Asian region needed stability, economic development, outstanding dispute resolution, and appreciated Pakistan’s efforts to achieve its goals.

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