Three bodies recovered from park in Karachi’s Clifton

Karachi – Thursday, three people were injured near Clifton in Karachi and fears broke out among the residents.

Police and hospital officials said the bodies were found near the seaside view park in Namdo and moved to the medical center after Jinna Graduate for medical court proceedings.

Dr. Marley, the chief citizen of the hospital, said the deceased was wounded with a hard, blunt weapon.

The two were Amsheer Afzal, in their mid-fifties belonging to Mardan, and the other were identified as Ali Hasan in their mid-30s, welcoming in Faisalabad.

The third man is about 40 years old, but his identity is not confirmed.

Assemblyman Fif Shabu Bir Heider explained that the victims worked as boat polishers and masseurs in the Clifton area and used to sleep on benches in a park near the beach.

Police officials showed that an unidentified attacker was sleeping on a bench when he ran off the scene after smashing his head with a heavy stone, police officials said.

They were poor people to no one, the police added.

Police are investigating the case to determine the possible motives of the killer.

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