The cyclist thought it was loud and angry. – Until we are in crisis in the middle age and become one | Adrian Chile | Opinion

I When the midlife crisis came, I did not like motorcyclists. I thought they were loud and angry. But they were always lovely people. There are many enemies on the road, but not among us. Do you know that we always recognize each other as we pass by? It's so sweet; Sometimes I can barely see the dampness of my eyes.

I first met this on a long trip to see my mom in Croatia. Riding on the right side of the continent, bikers use their left hand to create a low victory sign as they pass. At first I thought I was imagining it, but after the third cyclist headed south towards the reel, I decided to lean on love. As the next bike approached, he shot his left hand as a big victory sign. But with enthusiasm, he pushed his arm too far, so fast. This rookie error behind me, I salute it by the Adriatic Sea to the riders of many countries who have a stumbling block of it.

I wondered if the cyclist at home was kind. Now on the next long long ride on the left side of the road, I have prepared my low win sign for my debut on home soil. At 60mph on the A44 in Oxfordshire, I inadvertently showed it to the upcoming Honda. When I did that, the bike all abandoned me. I forgot that because it is a chimpanzee, I need to signal it with my right hand to release the throttle So we nod the English instead of the waves. I went to Anglesey this week in London and nodded because of a sore throat. It is a beautiful pain.

Adrian Chiles is a writer, broadcaster and guardian columnist.



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