Shadab eager to emerge as reliable all-rounder

Shadab Khan of LAHORE-Pakistan said he eagerly wants to emerge as a reliable all-rounder who is good at bowling and batting.

The four seasons spoke with reporters at Gadapi Stadium on Friday after the training session at the ongoing pre-season training camp, saying: Bowling is good for the player as well as the team. ”

He is working hard to improve the blow and will help his role in the success of the Pakistani team. "We really need to improve the hit, and we're working hard to make it a useful part of the team, by greatly improving the blow through personal training and hitting."

Shadab praised Pakistan's Cricket Board (PCB) for setting up a training camp to express greater value and importance to help athletes achieve high levels of fitness and help them develop fitness and training culture during their athletic career. I did.

"I attended many training camps that helped me learn a lot from modern training methods and improve my stamina."

He said that former Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq is doing his best in providing training to the players and has learned a lot under the guidance of the former captain. "Misbah-ul-Haq is an excellent source of learning because of his expertise, location and position, and PCB is the final authority to appoint a foreign or regional coach."

He adds that a high level of fitness is important because it plays an important role in improving the player's performance regardless of batting average or bowling. "We cleaned up the exercise that was conducted three weeks ago."

Regarding the selection opportunity of the national team, he said that the decision depends on the best judge, the selector, the selectors who deserve the opportunity. Shadab said, “When it comes to opportunities, you'll have the opportunity to perform at a higher level by demonstrating with all-round skills.

When the best spinners around the world asked if they would introduce a new delivery after punishing Batman's hand during the game, Shadab said: “I always aim to learn something new. Variety of his bowling.

“I will play domestic cricket this season to help my confidence and performance. And everything will come out to make longer innings and impress bowling. The selection process ”.

He said he wanted to see international cricket coming back from Pakistan. Test cricket in particular is always happy to have a fun and memorable performance in front of the local crowd.

Shadab said, “When a team wins, it adds a factor of satisfaction and happiness and doubles the enjoyment of the player's personal performances, considering that they will take all the steps to ensure that the team can successfully carry out international challenges.


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