Several injured as Kashmiris defy India’s curfew

SRINAGAR: Kash Miri protesters were injured on Tuesday after Indian troops fired in the area near Kashmir's occupied Sash.

According to the Kashmir Media Service, countless people again ignored curfew hours in South, North and Central Kashmir for “India's onslaught and imposition of Hindu culture against the Kashmir people.”

Many people were injured when Indian army soldiers fired pellets, bullets and tear gas shells at protesters, aiming to destroy the business deliberately in New Delhi. KMS added that local residents are very concerned about "the teenage sons kidnapped by the military during a nocturnal air raid."

According to the details, the Indian military plans to conduct major operations in the Sura region after violent clashes.

Speaking of anonymity, top Indian police officials said the Indian army was busy preparing for operations in areas where demonstrations were held on Friday by protest leaders in the Himalayan region.

As early as Friday, people moved to the streets of Srinagar despite a strict ban, and despite other restrictions enforced to prevent the march from arriving at the UN military station in the capital Sonawar region.

International media reported at least two people were injured.

Separately, data from two major hospitals in Kashmir indicate that 152 people were injured by tear gas and pellets in conflict areas after India's explosive collapse.

But local government officials who occupied Kashmir said the number of injured people would be higher than the figures in both hospitals. A conflict broke out after Friday's prayer, and Indian soldiers used pellet gun shells and tear gas against protesters.

The Kashmir people, on the other hand, were using only stones and rocks at the guard.

The development of the upcoming crackdown continues as former deputy assistant ministers and other politicians are still under house arrest because of Kashmir's telecommunications and media blackouts, which were occupied for 23 consecutive days.

According to various reports, food shortages and significant drug shortages in the Kashmir-occupied region had no way for locals to access the outside world.

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