Recent Match Report – England vs Australia, ICC World Test Championship, 1st Test

Australia July 2 (Smith 142, Wade 110, Head 51) 284 (Smith 144, Broad 5-86) and 487 England 374 runs (374 times (133 times, Route 57, Stokes 50)) and 146 times (Lyon 6-49, Cummins 4-32)

They had the hope of hitting the last day and leaving Edgbaston intact, but the British were blown by Nathan Lyon and Pat Cummins as Australia triumphed by Australia's 251 runs in front of the car. Lyon scored six in the top 49 against the UK, resolved this claim as a major threat in the fourth inning and finished nine games.

The tournament, which was also the first test series held in Australia since 2001, was Australia's first win and this is the first time that it has led Ash Youth since 2005. There were a number of selection debates, but it was the name of two intelligent men to make sure that the monumental performance of Stephen Smith, who had been wickets on the last day, was always associated with victory rather than deadlock. Given Australia's 122 on the first day with 8 players, the UK will fall as one of the best victories despite bowling.

Cummins started off Australia's march by removing Rory Burns with a short ball in the last morning and ending with 32-4, claiming the 100th test turnstile in the 21st game when Jonny Bairstow was removed. After Charlie Turner 17, it was the second fastest of the Australian Face Bowler games, faster than Dennis Lily, Jeff Thompson and Bill Johnston.

Lyon was a milestone when he reached 350 test turnstiles with Ben Stokes' scalp as England's middle order was destroyed. Despite the loss of Burns, there was a connection of the ball to the canyon, but it reached 60 points on Day 3, but there was some hope when Lyon started working soon.

His first turnstile kicked a lot with Jason Roy's terrible shot. He swept over the bridge without putting the ball anywhere. The end result was not pretty. He was chosen because he was a dynamic player early in his exam career, but this was a misjudgment. Joe Denly started out positive with braces swept in Lyon, but everything was in favor of the rotor and it didn't take long for the bat pad opportunity to repeat with short legs.

The route overturned Joel Wilson's bad lbw decision, which had a terrible match using DRS twice. The ball received four times back to James Pattinson, who had no legs, and nine times to Peter Siddler when there was an inner edge. The controversy between Lyon and Root was enthralled for the duration. The English captain desperately wanted Lyon to settle, but he did not have to make a judgment when he fell, and the thick inner edge was held safely by Cameron Bancroft.

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Having lunch, England's only hope was to have an interim meeting without a ticket gate. There were 6 balls on resume and lost 5 times. Cummins troubled Jos Buttler before the break-reviewing the tall full lbw of the referee-Buttler was one of 24 balls when he trimmed his off-stump. He played the game as if he kept the ball low, and probably played a fraction, but it hit Cummins' challenging length.

As the game progressed, slower Cummins used short balls throughout the day. After defeating Burns first, he beat one in Bairstow's chest and could not reach his hand in time. The ball slipped in and Bairstow reviewed, suggesting that he was out of his arm, but he also wiped the bracelet on the glove. Give Wilson the right decision.

The next ball, Lyon was able to spin and bounce at Stokes, giving them the edge over Tim Payne. Chris Woakes had his shots as well as others that day, but it didn't take long. One of the more predictable layoffs, Lyon took the gathered Ali back to his second slip. Lyon's distance from Moeen in this game was one of the determining factors despite Smith's run-gleath.

James Anderson, who had an unstoppable hole at the opening ceremony, blocked Hattrick and denied Lyon. Cummins started the demolition and Cummins ended it when another short ball was slid down by the Woakes. The highway was in the hands of Smith.

The fortress was wonderful and truly violated.


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