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anna, Jane, Elizabeth, Madhur, Alastair, Colin, Delia, Nigel, Mary, Simon, Nigella, Sophie, Josceline, Yorkshire WI Entered the room of familiar people.

Not always. These were books as familiar as the plates we still eat. I grew up with Jane and Josceline open wide at the counter, offering good advice and good meals at the best and worst times. These are the books I wondered why there are no more pictures, and I showed you how to write about food long before you thought about it. When I left the house, I vowed to do everything differently and bought almost all the books on my mom's shelf. But they often received different folding and deformation with plates with different covers and indices. Going back, the copy of the mother with a broken spine and traces of other sources looks familiar and strange. It looks like home when an adult child comes back.

These days I like to go into a familiar room. In the end, I get older too. Recipe inspection is my work right now, but it draws people from shelves as well as books and asks them to answer the following questions: “Anna, Alastair and Elizabeth remind me how to make tons NATO. ? ”

Italian food writer Anna Del Conte is the mother of Milan Tonato (ton) Is served with veal and is an elegant beige sauce made from tuna, anchovies, cream, lemon and some veal cooking ingredients. It's a great recipe for a savory sauce. I made several times each time enjoying the story above the recipe. Anna's mother was accidentally found after finding veal in post-war Milan, and the dish dropped on the floor, the beige mess on the carpet, the aunt was too good to waste and shouted to eat it anyway.

In the area near Piedmont, they made ton NATO with olive oil mayonnaise and were inspired by Elizabeth David's book Italian food: “two egg yolks, some salt, 100 ml of olive oil,“ little lemon ”– She mentioned that it should be a jelly-like substance that clings to a spoon and falls along with delicious bread on a plate. When and why did we not say "tunny"?

The versions of Alastair Little and Ed Smith are between Milan and Piedmont, but simpler than the two in that they do not require stock or mayonnaise. Simply mix everything in a food processor or immersion blender.

Tonnato is synonymous with veal for cooking vitello tonnato. The idea of ​​combining meat with tuna sauce may sound strange, but it works well. Tonnato also matches chicken, turkey and, above all, soft and boiled eggs and floppy butterhead lettuce.

Elizabeth David suggests using mayonnaise tonato to fill the tomato halves, but it is better to serve tomato slices to tonato and topping them with capers. The butter-colored sauce looks round red. Tomatoes love tuna, anchovies and eggs, so they are absolutely slightly salty at home with a smooth sauce. Thanks to Anna, Alastair, Ed, Elizabeth All is doing well.

Tonnato (tuna and anchovy sauce)

Tuna and anchovies are never shy – this is a rich and fishy sauce – but egg and olive oil emulsions give this Tonnato's real body, while lemon and dijon sharpen the edges.

Preview 10 minutes
serving 6-8

2 anchovy fillets
160g canned tuna
(120g exhaust weight)
1 clove of garlic, exfoliation
Half lemon juice
Add 1 egg and yolk
1 small handful parsley leaf
1 tsp dijon mustard
150 ml olive oil
Salt and pepper,
In season

All ingredients except oil and seasonings are placed in a food processor or bowl suitable for immersion blenders and flutter until softened.

While pulsing, add oil little by little and mix until soft. The consistency should be loose, but no runny nose (between single cream and double cream). Taste and add lemon juice, salt and pepper as needed.

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