Qureshi says Modi has undermined spirit of bilateralism

Foreign Minister Prime Minister Imran will strongly present Kashmir at UNGA

Pakistan Says Thanks to Iran for Speech Against IOK Invasion

Islamabad: Foreign Minister Shah Mamud Kureshi said Wednesday that while Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the UN General Assembly next month, he will impose Kash Miri's aspirations ahead of the international community.

He spoke with the media in the federal capital and said he would hold bilateral meetings as a side job of the UNGA meeting and attend other events in New York.

The Foreign Minister acknowledged that under the Shimla Agreement, Pakistan and India must resolve the Kashmir dispute bilaterally. But he said that the August 5th action should inform the international community whether the action is bilateral or unilateral. “It is the Prime Minister of India that has undermined the spirit of bilateralism.

He said that the unilateral measures occupied by Kashmir violated the UN Security Council resolution and international law completely. He pointed out that 14 petitions were filed with the Indian Supreme Court on these illegal actions. He said it was a test of the Supreme Court of India, whether to be judged independently or to give in to Modi's pressure.

Qureshi expressed concern about the situation in occupied Kashmir, saying that people are in a situation where they lack a commodity, including food and life-saving medicines. The Kashmir people said they could not pray Friday.

The foreign minister says Kashmir's police, made up of many Muslims, is confused about the situation. "This is why Indian authorities are reclaiming weapons and weapons from police personnel," he said.

Qureshi said that the world community did not forget about the situation of the valley occupied. Public opinion on the Kashmir conflict is now changing at the international level. He added that Pakistan and Kashmiri communities are protesting against India's cruelty and persecution. He also said that Pakistanis in London will have big protests in the future.

One foreign minister said that in response to the question, Pakistan thanked Iran for giving a strong stand in support of the oppressed Kashmir.

Earlier, the Foreign Minister met with the President of Yousaf Mobin National Database Registration Authority (UDA) and discussed proposals for overseas Pakistanis.

Source Link : https://www.pakistantoday.com.pk/2019/08/28/qureshi-says-modi-has-undermined-spirit-of-bilateralism/


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