PSP chief accepts Karachi mayor’s offer to help clean Karachi, seeks his removal – Newspaper

KARACHI: The ongoing war of words between the mayor of Karachi, Wasim Akhtar, and the president of the Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP), Mustafa Kamal, took an intriguing turn on Monday when the city custodian "appointed" the latter as "Director of the Garbage Project voluntarily" to clean the city. .

"I, being mayor of Karachi, hereby designate Syed Mustafa Kamal as director of the Garbage project in [a] voluntary base with immediate effect until further notice, "said an order issued by the mayor.

The order, which was issued in the afternoon apparently in response to the PSP press officer in the morning, said the decision was made "in light of the statement made and reported in electronic and print media that Syed Mustafa Kamal has shown his willingness to clean the city of Karachi in 90 days. "

Speaking to Dawn, Mr. Akhtar said that whatever machinery and equipment the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation had and its municipal services staff would be available to Mr. Kamal. "Now he has to prove that he is equal to work," he added.

Kamal says he won't collect donations to clean the city

Later in the evening, Kamal announced that he had accepted the mayor's offer and said he would work 24 hours and inform the mayor even after midnight since "he is my boss now."

However, at the same time, the head of PSP said that by issuing this order, the mayor, who belonged to the Muttahida Qaumi-Pakistan Movement (MQM-P), had acknowledged his failure and the MQM should ask him to resign since there was no Justification left him to continue in office.

Former Karachi Nazim said he would be responsible for the municipal services of the 130 union committees and the four municipal district corporations controlled by the MQM-P.

Earlier in the day, he expressed concern about the state of cleanliness in the city, claiming that he could clean up Karachi within three months with the resources and municipal funds available.

Speaking at a press conference, Kamal explained that he would work voluntarily and would not accept any federal aid or "donations" to clean up Karachi.

For this purpose, he presented a three-phase proposal, including the abolition of the Sindh Solid Waste Management Board, delegating its resources to elected representatives at the union committee level and building at least five garbage transfer stations.

He said that those responsible for cleaning the city were minting money as they spent Rs billions on the removal of garbage, the cost of fuel and wages without getting any results.

In affirming that Karachi needs honest leadership, the head of PSP called on the leadership of MQM-P, including his coordinator, Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, to hold his "corrupt" elected representatives accountable and remove them from their offices. He also reiterated his demand that the name of the mayor of Karachi, Wasim Akhtar, be included in the Exit Control List.

His press caused the mayor to react and appoint him as "director of junk projects."

Separately, Dr. Siddiqui, the coordinator of the MQM-P, asked the representatives of the local government of the party, including the mayor of the city, not to respond to the statements of Mr. Kamal and work for the cleaning of the city .

Published on Dawn, August 27, 2019



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