Pakistani Hijabi girl talks about ‘Spider-Man’ movie role

London-Blockbuster's first hijabi character Spider-Man: Far from Home said she took on her role in the film to emphasize the fact that millions of women wearing hijabs are ordinary people.

In an interview with Geo News about her role in the Spider-Man movie, Pakistani actress Zoha Rahman said her original role was not wearing Hijab but later asked if she wanted the role. Hijabi and she agreed to play that role immediately.

“My original role has come to play a variety of roles as part of the various characters of the film that represent many people. Given the option to wear a hijab, I agreed because I wanted to be a positive role model. Traditionally, there was a limited role for Muslims in the ability of taxi drivers, technicians or terrorists, and if it was a woman, it would always seem oppressed.

She also said, “It was a big deal to cover my head and represent all the women who are the strongest, funniest and smartest women in my life. It's a positive way. ”

Zoha Rahman was born in Pakistan. Her father is a veteran originally from Jhelum. She studied all over Pakistan, moving her school whenever her father was posted in a new place.

About seven years ago, she came to London to study and start modeling for advertising. She has recently completed her law degree from the School of Oriental African Studies (SOAS) and a Master of Laws, but currently her full time is in acting career.

She has modeled Qatar Airways, FIFA World Cup, Acuvue, Wagamama and Asian immigration law firms to take on Peter Parker's friend role in the latest film of the Marvel-Sony Spider-Man franchise.

Zoha Rahman became interested in acting when studying at a school in Pakistan. She said Pakistani dramas and shows are popular all over the world. “Undoubtedly, Pakistanis are very talented in their cameras. Playing a role in international cinema is the verification of Pakistani talent. ”

She also got a lot of positive reactions. “I received a message from girls who appreciate their role as girls wearing hijab. There were not many representatives of Muslims and other ethnic minorities, and not many normal and positive roles.

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