No room for terrorism in Kashmir’s struggle for freedom, says AJK PM – Pakistan

WASHINGTON: Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan has said that Pakistan and AJK will not allow India to link the Kashmir movement for freedom with terrorism.

"We will remain alert to ensure that India does not succeed in doing so," Haider told a news conference Tuesday night at Pakistan's embassy in Washington. "There is no place for terrorism in our peaceful struggle."

In a recent briefing, a senior US official said that while Washington understood Pakistan's political and diplomatic support for the people of Kashmir, Islamabad should prevent militants from taking advantage of the situation. "It is even more important for Pakistan to demonstrate its determination to stop cross-border terrorism," the official said.

Haider, who is currently visiting Washington to inform US officials and experts from expert groups about the current situation in Kashmir, also stressed the need to continue a peaceful struggle for Kashmir in his speech to the Pakistani and Kashmir communities.

"We have a higher moral base as the Indians are committing unprecedented atrocities in Kashmir," he said while answering a question at his press conference. “If we also use violent tactics, people will say that both are bad. We do not want to do that.

We will guard to ensure that it does not happen, ”he said.

"Nothing is more effective than a peaceful struggle for freedom," he added. "Either we will perish or free ourselves from Indian occupation." When asked how the people of Kashmir would react once the curfew is lifted, Mr. Haider said: "Everyone will see how upset they are. The longer the siege, the more angry they will get."

He said that the people of Kashmir have been living "in a virtual prison" for almost a month. "It is the largest prison in the world with eight to 8.5 million prisoners," he said. “All communication lines have been cut. People cannot reach their brothers.

Even neighbors can't call neighbors. ” Haider disagreed with the suggestion that Pakistan was talking about war. "Pakistan says that if they attack AJK, it will use all the resources it has to defend AJK. Pakistan has the right to do so," he said.

Haider said people on both sides of Kashmir were with Pakistan and would fight Pakistan against any Indian aggression.

Addressing the same meeting, Pakistan's ambassador, Asad Majeed Khan, noted that the president of the United States, Donald Trump, has always shown great interest in the issue of Kashmir.

He said Trump also offered to help resolve this dispute during the 2016 US presidential election and reiterated the offer after his July 22 meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Published on Dawn, August 29, 2019



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