Nike is launching a shoe-subscription program for kids: 4 pairs for $20 per month


  • Nike announced Monday that it will begin a children's shoes subscription program this week.

  • Nike Adventure Club allows parents to pay a monthly fee in exchange for new shoes several times a year.
  • The kids sneaker market is estimated to reach $ 10 billion annually, Reuters reported.

Children's feet grow constantly. Now Nike has a solution.

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Sportswear and footwear retailers announced Monday that they will begin a sneakers enrollment program for children this week just before school. Nike Adventure Club offers three subscription options for parents who need to regularly purchase new sneakers for their younger children. $ 20, $ 30 or $ 50 per month — Offer new shoes to customers monthly, bimonthly or quarterly.

“Nike Adventure Club has a unique position within Nike, which is not the first sneakers club for children,” said Dave Cobban, vice president of Nike Adventure Club. "It eliminates the friction point of parents shopping for kids while offering a variety of options for kids." Streetwear apparel brand launched by Houston brothers in Paris

Nike Adventure Club offers more than 100 style sneakers in sizes 4-7Y, aimed at children from about 2 to 10 years old. If a child goes beyond Nike or Converse sneakers, parents can send the sneakers again and choose a replacement pair for larger sizes. According to Reuters, the subscription box also has a sizing chart to help parents choose the best size for their child.

The kids' shoe market is estimated at $ 10 billion annually, Reuters reported. Nike works with other retailers like Urban Outfitters, American Eagle and Walmart to introduce new subscription models to offline stores.

"When we offer shoes, we're always trying to answer what's kids want?" Said Dominique Shortell, director of product experience and conservation at Nike Adventure Club, in a press release. "But the equally important question is & # 39; What experience are we providing parents? & # 39 ;. We want to shop for shoes as conveniently as possible."

Nike Adventure Club offers over 100 sneaker designs. Nike also partners with KaBoom, a lifestyle non-profit organization for children, and distributes an adventure guide for each subscription, offering a variety of active games and activities for children.


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