Microsoft just stole Apple’s Siri division head

It's not often that long-time employees of technology companies decide to throw everything away and join their competitors, but there are always exceptions, and Bill Stasior is one of them. As head of Apple's Siri department, he expressed great respect for his loyal vision, working for the company in the artificial intelligence department for nearly a decade. But he hasn't joined Microsoft, a multi-year competitor, that's a thing of the past.

together Information reportStasior left Apple in May after more than seven years of work. Despite being back at that time, he is now officially joined Microsoft as company vice president and is the position to report to Kevin Scott Chief Technical Officer. It may be tempting to believe that Apple's undesirable AI state motivated Stasior to jump, but the reality is very different.

The consumer electronics company, based in Cupertino, last year acquired Google's artificial intelligence and search director John Giannandrea. This changed the way Apple handled AI and created a new system, which forced Stasior to look elsewhere, especially after Giannandrea was promoted to senior vice president in December.

Stasior worked primarily at Siri while working at Apple, so we can assume that Microsoft is responsible for handling Cortana. one, Information The report suggests that this is not true. It's no secret that the company is struggling in the AI ​​department. Especially when the progress is compared with Google and Amazon, there is a need to improve the whole department. Stasior will lead the AI ​​group. If you're still not sure what he's going to do, this is the right step for Microsoft's destiny in AI.

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