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I've read a huge amount of opinions from the Guardian, including Suzanne Moore being responsible for mass shooting and Donald Trump rising up at the feet of people (G2, Aug. 6). The overwhelming majority of men are nonviolent, law-abiding and fine.

The portrayal of white supremacy and mass murder as male violence is very similar to the responsibility of all Muslims for the atrocities committed by al-Qaida and Islamic states. As for Moore's obvious argument, have you heard of Ivana Trump that only men have the power to lobby for change to combat gun violence and racism? Kelly and Conway? Who did Senator Johnny Ernst declare that Trump's attack on Democrats was actually racist but supported him anyway? I will not be able to solve whatever way I can get tired of all men with brushes like Trump and mass killers.
Daniel Peacock

Susan Moore has the right to note that the common denominator of almost all American popular shooters is male.

But the kind of power caused by men should inherently challenge people who exercise, not gender. More often, twisted concepts of masculinity, lack of organs and access to firearms are a real danger.
Christine Cross Lee
Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

Long live for Susan Moore! In the struggle for equality, we thought that if the historical position changes, the position of the male will also change.

Men have included some girls in the world, so I think they can always remain controlled, powerful and tricky. The journey to equality continues.
Linda Calsen
Whitstable, Kent

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The second letter was revised on August 8, 2019. In previous versions, all American shootings were men, and they stated no.



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