Kashmiri doctor arrested for raising concern about health crisis during IoK lockdown

SRINAGAR: The Indian authorities arrested a doctor living in Kashmir and appealed to the Indian government to restore the telephone and internet facilities of all hospitals and medical facilities in the region. BBC Reported on Monday.

“This is a request, not a protest. Restore wired and internet connections in all hospitals and medical facilities. [occupied] Jammu and Kashmir. ”Read the placard owned by Dr. Umar.

Before being arrested, doctors BBC The prevailing situation in the occupied Kashmir warned that it could lead to a humanitarian crisis.

"We are [otherwise] Free treatment can be provided to patients under the poverty line of government and private hospitals. [Indian] National Health Protection Plan. However, lack of connectivity could not provide medical care. [needy patients] For the past three weeks, we are currently observing that some patients are preparing their own medications for dialysis and chemotherapy. ”

“The connection between the Internet and the health care system is that the health care system is entirely Internet-based. [Under the scheme,] All patients are issued a card. The patient gets the card to the hospital every time he visits the doctor. ”He added that the card is swiped and the patient's data allows the relevant doctor to decide on treatment and provide free medicine at government stores.

"But without a wired and internet connection, we can't offer free medicine."

On August 5, Prime Minister Narendra Modi deprived Kasmilis of constitutional rights that had existed for 70 years on the government's abrupt presidential order. The captured Kashmir was imposed indefinitely curfew, and elected leaders were placed under house arrest.

By abolishing Article 370, the rest of India now have the right to acquire property and settle permanently in Kashmir. Kashmiri and India's Hindu nationalist-led government critics see this move as an attempt to dilute the demographics of most Muslims in Kashmir with Hindu settlers.

In addition, India's interior minister, Amit Shah, BJP's chairman, passed a bill passed by the Indian Parliament to diverge the country into two allied territories directly ruled by New Delhi.

Source Link : https://www.pakistantoday.com.pk/2019/08/27/kashmiri-doctor-arrested-for-raising-concern-about-health-crisis-during-iok-lockdown/


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