Karachi Mayor suspends Mustafa Kamal as Project Director Garbage

Karachi deferred Mustafa Kamal to project director garbage on Tuesday.

Karachi: One day after the appointment of Mustafa Kamal as project director rubbish, Mayor Karachi Washi Aktar Karachi postponed his authority on Tuesday.

Mayor Karachi appointed Kamal as the Director of Urban Garbage Cleaning Project on Monday in a turn of dramatic events.

Wasim Akhtar accused the former city of Nazis of being rude and dishonest.

He said that Kamal was appointed project director for garbage collection for three months, but began to act as responsible officer.

"Mustafa Kamal doesn't deserve to be a project director," he said, adding that the former mayor must inform the authorities of his plans first instead of preparing a drama for the press.

Screenshot of the notification to stop Mustafa Kamal

"He should have shared plans on how to clean Karachi in 90 days".

He said Mustafa Kamal interfered with the authority of the President of Central Central.

Mustafa Kamal, chairman of the Pak Sarzameem Party, challenged cleaning up the city after intensifying criticism of Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar's existing Karachi mayor.

Kamal, who accepted the offer, insisted he would finish the work for 90 days.

But the former mayor continued to criticize local officials for corruption after being notified as director of garbage collection projects.


Source: https://www.thenews.com.pk/latest/518211-karachi-mayor-suspends-mustafa-kamal-as-project-director-garbage


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