Jofra Archer will relish bouncer battle – Rory Burns

Rory Burns believes that after Jofra Archer welcomed the cricket test with Pat Cummins' violent attack, he was expecting his fellow tailenders to cook some of the medicine they received on the first day of the Lord's action.

As Cummins shortened to 10 of the eleven deliveries, the archer who had faced over 92 mph in a competent wicket opener 6 overburst was finally getting the ball in one of his test careers until he finally caught him. At 12, it is away from the front edge of gully.

And he was not alone by the pumping-up Cummins, Burns himself fought another player on his short leg after hitting two hits in the 3 minute delivery space, Cameron Bancroft took with a gorgeous one hand. .

Burns said, "It's good to go a little bit." "Obviously he got two to hit the same spot. It was nice, but I just tried to get in between."

Burns was warned from the start of his innings, but to date, Australia, with 197 runs in 472 balls in the series, began thinking about how to: Extract him from the wrinkles.

"We've hit a few balls so far in this test series, so they're leading me in a different way," he said. "I think Nathan Lyon passed me by this morning and mentioned in about three balls. So I'm familiar with what I'm seeing and prepared what I'm getting. But isn't it just a good fight?"

Burns replied, wondering if the archer could throw the ball tomorrow when Cummins came into the bat. "Yes, you would think so.

"It's an obvious tactic, what they do, so the boys are preparing it. Luckily we can cook some of our own in this game. It must be very interesting."

Lyon, who insisted Burns not remember his early warnings, admitted that he too should be in Archer's sight and joked that he was not totally hopeful.

"Mate, I hits, so what do you think?" He said. "I'm a No.10, No.11 hitter, with an average of 10.

"This is a global bowling attack. It's Jofra's first test, but he's a global bowler. We all know it. You know. The world knows it." [Stuart] Wide and the same. Yes, of course I will challenge

"But that's a test cricket. That's why we play, and personally, I want to challenge the best players in the world. And these are the best bowlers in the world." Go out unless you want for me! "

In the game, Burns admitted England scored higher after his first use of a good pitch, but he thought a total of 258 would certainly participate.

"Aren't you hard?" He said. "I think it's competitive, but at the same time it can be frustrating. But the seams keep everyone interested in it all day. They could be punished if they missed the length. And it just started. I think the game is going on to provide. "


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